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Five Minute Fridays #Reach

Its Friday, and its first high school football of the year tonight :) i'm excited!  I've got one snuggling next to me while I link up with Five Minute Fridays with Kate
The word is Reach.


Recently my girls, husband, and sister took an afternoon to go to a local cave.  It was exciting.  For the four and six year old and even for us around thirty.  It was brilliantly bright outside and as we descended into the mouth of the cave following our tour guide we were met with the natural air conditioner that is the underground.  The deeper we walked into the cave the cooler we got.  I had not thought to bring jackets so we did a bit of shivering.  It felt good though. Refreshing.
"Look, Meredith," I pointed back to the small opening that we were quickly walking from as the gold light was swallowed by our downward descent until it was going, gone.
My ever attentive sister had on sneakers my mom had given me(those she would never normally wear…

Love It, Before It Leaves

Linking up with Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart.  Her post today was so encouraging,
Here's what I've got on this beautifully clear Wednesday.....

I love Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Because of all the special flavors.  The Coconut.  I love coconut anythings (except coconut water).  I love the Autumn flavors like the Pumpkin Spice.
Last year my husband came home from the store with a bag filled with pumpkin spice flavored coffee and I was delighted.
Theres a little phrase scrolled on the top of the coffee package that declares this flavor won't be around too long, "Love it Before It Leaves". The coffee bag reads.
And I take heed.  I know it will not be around too long.
As soon as leaves tinge scarlet and swap their green for amber gold it will arrive somewhere on my grocery aisle.  Then it will soon be ousted and off until next year as Autumn whispers by.
I like the phrase, Love it Before It Leaves.  
I feel like all of life can take …

Five Minute Fridays Change

It's Time for Five Minute Fridays and the word is CHANGE


Its happening all around us as August walks her way into September to the rhythm of school buses and the winds of cooler weather.
I have to admit that I never rejoice over the end of summer.  I love Autumn.  It's my favorite. However, summer is that season that is soaked in childhood. So for some reason saying good bye to summer for another year makes me feel old. I know its weird. It just seems like I've lost something.  Something precious has slipped yet again through the hands of time and everything I wanted to enjoy in summer is gone. I remember that feeling when I was little and now that I am a mom it happens again every Autumn.  All the things I would've liked to get done before summer ended.
Seasons change like that.  Subtly. Almost nonchalantly, melting from one into the other.
Babies do too.
I always love the second year of a baby's life.  The year they are one.  It s…

Even Then, Fear Not

I'm linking up with Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart  She wrote on fear today and I wrote this yesterday and was fearful to post it.  But after seeing her lead I decided to bravely admit some of my silly fears.

Fear lurks, shadow edges my mind.  When you grow up and watch someone you love deal with mental illness the fear is there.  You think that perhaps one day you'll have it.  Perhaps one day you will need the medication.  One day you may end up in the rehab center.  It's a fear that sometimes is gone for seemingly good but then opens up a window just a crack and slides back in unnoticed, but ready to spring into full force when the moment is right.
Let me tell you something I've learned about fear (and I can talk about fear because fear wrapped tight tentacles around me starting in early elementary school) it always creates walls.  Fear blocks us in.  Fear holds us down. Fear makes it hard to be us, to be comfortable.  Fear makes lig…


It's Friday and I'm linking up with Kate at Five Minute Fridays
so get ready for five (or ten) and write about the word Tell

I read these words quietly as birds sing morning cadence and all is quiet for a little while longer,
"Many other signs therefore did Jesus in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book: but these are written, that ye may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye may have life in His name."  (John 20:30-31, ASV) 
This is the signature at the end of this almost last chapter of John.  And I love it.
I love the way it assures us that there was much that happened that God did not tell us about, He left us out, but He wants us to know what we do know, what He did tell is enough.  It's enough for us to know That Jesus is the Son of God and it's enough to know, to believe, and then to seize the eternal life that is in His name.  We are told enough when we are told Jesus.

Friend Ship

I know I have an overactive mind. We all know it.
My mom shook her head with tired almost- despair a couple of months ago when I was telling her something, "You think a lot." she dismissed me.
I need to come up with a new way to frame thoughts for my husband and hang them in his mind.  I think he'd take me more seriously.  But nope, my default is always , "Keith, I've been thinking." And his automatic response in thick Virginia slow words is, "There you go thinking again." He now says the same thing to my oldest daughter.
I have to smile and he reflects it back to me in the almost smile that twitches at his lips.

So the other day I was thinking about friendship and like I normally do I try to find words inside of words and think about the relationship.  Sort of like the ingredients of a word you know.  Now some words boast no hidden words.  You can go look up Webster's and find the meaning; however, there are words that are made of two or thre…

Home Grown, Heart Grown
I'm joining with Holley Gerth's Wednesday link up.  I typed this up before I looked at the title.  I guess my topic of gardens fits.

Home Grown, Heart Grown.

I remember when I was a brand new expectant mama to be I bought a few items.  One of which was a baby onesie that said, "Home Grown".  I laugh at that now because my home grown, womb grown babies are the only thing that I've been successful at growing.  My sturdy hibiscus plants once a year and some resilient summer annuals manage to make it here.  But not because of me, I'd rather say in spite of me.
There was one summer when I had a baby on my hip that I would try to water six feather tipped green cyprus like trees.  I'd march off the deck with a blue pail of water in hand, trying to avoid most of it not sloshing out before I got to the base of those new green trees.  That balancing act did not happen nearly as much as it should.  As I was trying to watch a two year old too…

Why I don't mind the rain today

It's been rainy, musty, muggy, and soggy here in Virginia for five days and counting.  Not the typical ninety degree August with unending sun beams i normally enjoy.  But honestly its been nice.  I've worn a hoodie to go outside, rain mist has kissed my cheeks and my glasses as I walk to and from my car and all of my begonias are getting doused with Heaven's best water.
The rain is nice because its the best sleepy time sound machine ever.  My kids never sleep as good and neither do I for that matter, as the nights I hear the water punch melodies out on all the gutters and shingle keys. Rainy days keep us in and keep us close.  They make each outing more of an adventure as we are in need of umbrellas (every four year old girls delight).
Yesterday as I put the girls in the car, brown eyed -big eyed almost two-girl stood stock-still in amazement at the water pouring out of the gutter. Her moon shaped eyes telling me the "Wow" her words could not as her baby finger…

Fill - Five Minute Fridays

I'm happy to be joining the new Five Minute Friday host at
I'm usually a bit late to the game, but this thursday finds me up still with a partying 22 month old so here is my five minutes worth on Fill...

Today is that day, three years ago today.  3 Steamy August 7ths ago I had to make that phone call.  The worst phone call I've ever made.  My husband had just touched down in the sun baked dirt of Guatemala for a week of missions with a church group and his brother lay lifeless at the bottom of a Virginia river.
I put off the call, tears clogging my throat.  How was I going to deliver this message when there was no one to comfort him?
I was filled with fear.  Fear of him experiencing the death of a twenty six year old beloved brother all alone.
My friend on the trip told me how my man of few words received the news quietly as I mustered up all my calm to tell him. How he got off the phone and then later was heard screaming into the dark lead sky of…


I have passengers from time to time.
Usually its my side kick sister.  Crimson streaks mixing with the chocolate curls cascading around her face.  Whenever she's in town, we do life together.  Simple life.  Like grocery store runs in shorts and hoodies in the deep dark of night.  Our rides could aptly be filed Various and Sundry.
She's just in on my life and I'm comfortable with it. We discuss all her new ideas, new phases and all mine in between my three jumping on her and her dancing with them.
There's always those moments when she gets her mom on and raises her dark eye brows in a perfect do-not-mess with me arch.  And the girls know.  Aunt Chica got her mom on.
I've had other side kick passengers too, like Sarah girl.
We have discussed many things while whisking around in the car.  Death's icy grip of guilt, boyfriends, dreams, etc.  She's always got one of my babies on her hip as she deftly navigates parks with me and we eat a 'kiddie picnic'…