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The Ultimate Bible Study

I'ts Wednesday so that means I'm linking up to Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart  Holley always pens uplifting encouraging short and very sweet words of life on her site.

The Ultimate Bible Study

I still remember walking into that room with women leaned over plastic tables in semi-circle.  Some women had plates of refreshments, others a trusty water bottle, and I sat there with fingers wrapped a round a typical styrofoam cup of coffee and a plate that I had placed the best slab of apple cake drizzled with caramel whipped icing i.have.ever. had. (i got the recipe, but I can't make boiled caramel icing)
Summer was making her exit with September leaves and the spicy cake and topic of thankfulness ushered me into Autumn that year.  It had been a very rough summer.  Three summers ago.  One of lots of joy, vacations, trips to see friends, and one of great loss too.
I remember listening to the leader's voice and really connecting with what she said as she handed out the books and I cracked open mine and began to thumb through the pages of my ten week road map that took me to several unexpected places.

Bible studies can do that.  They can breathe life into areas that you didn't realize were even dead.  

That Bible study forever changed me.  Altered my way of thinking, living, and relating to the world.  I still feel it's echoes reverberating in my heart today.  Even now.
I've participated in many Bible studies and all have taught me different things, but that year something was different.  My eyes were opened in ways they had not been before. Sometimes God does that to even His children.  Opens their eyes to something they were blind to and had no idea that they were missing.

This morning in the hush of dawn while wind blown leaves dappled my floor with shadows and sunshine and the air conditioner hummed to my kid's dreams, I read it.  I read about the ultimate Bible study and I couldn't help but wish I was in on it.
One that did not happen under the eaves of a church fellowship hall with carpeted floors and a refreshment table filled with muffins and orange juice, but one that happened on a dusty road and another that included broiled fish.
Two disciples are walking and discussing what was on their hearts, the death of their beloved Jesus and there He comes unknown to them and joins their impassioned discussion.  The Bible says that they do not even realize it was Him, they weren't expecting Him.  They do not understand where He is and their minds are reeling over the details and different avenues this crucifixion weekend has taken them.  As they sift through details Jesus shows up and the Bible says He helps them make sense of it all, "And beginning from Moses and from all the prophets, He interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself."  Jesus with His identity still unknown turns to leave, but they beg Him to join them for dinner. He does and as He leans over the table and breaks bread their eyes open. "And they knew him."  Then they say in amazement, "Was not our heart burning within us, while He spake to us in the way, while He opened to us the scriptures?"  This verse always burns my heart.  Its passionate wonder is so real.  

Those words send me to my heart that mouths here in a hoodie and gym shorts snuggled under my blanket, "Jesus, wouldn't you open to me the scriptures?"

And the Gospel of Luke ends with Jesus circling up with His disciples again, post resurrection asking them for a piece of broiled fish, having a semblance of a departing picnic and then the Bible says, "Then opened He their mind, that they might understand the scriptures."  He concludes the mind blowing lesson by His literal departure and ascension and leaves them filled with awe and joy.
The Word appeared in flesh, eating charred fish, with new scars on His hands and feet and spent those forty days after His resurrection peeling back the pages of prophecy and revealing The Word made flesh and the Word fulfilled in Him... revealing to those who had clung to Him in His life and then wept at His death that all of this was for a reason, it was all a part of God's glorious about intense Bible study written and read in the eyes of a real life, scarred, victorious and living Savior...

Those words are like mind keys...they unlock my heart to think about the possibility, the real possibility of Jesus opening up my mind and revealing His word.  And I ask here in this humble house with my knees tucked under me and my husband stirring and the dryer tumbling jeans dry, "Jesus, would you open up my mind, here and now? Amen."
I know He can, even today.  I know my heart can still burn within me as He opens my mind with the door of His word and the light beam of His Spirit.


  1. Somer,
    I love how scripture comes alive when God shows us something new in such familiar words. Love these thoughts you shared!

  2. Ummmm - YES. LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Summer - you are rocking this writing deal, girl...but more than that - you are taking readers into the beauty of Scripture. Love that you saw that as one of the first "Bible studies" :)


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