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I'm six minute Saturday 'ing again...

Word prompt from Lisa Jo Baker is 'Belong' 

I heard it soft and almost not there this morning.  I crept upstairs and peeked around the squeaky cream seventy year old door with the stiff always stuck glass door knobs…there she was…four year old blonde slightly bed head with her too short rose bud sprinkled night gown.  Her blue eyes twinkled, “Good morning Mama.”
“I’m glad you are up,” I whispered into her hair.  I knew that this meant we had some coveted alone time together.  I brewed the coconut flavored coffee and gave her a sip.  We quietly read an old Beatrix Potter tale with all the intricate watercolors and we discussed new words like “pimkin” which we looked up means ‘pan’.  We laughed over the English tale and the ridiculous idea of mice that sew. 
“Im glad we get to snuggle.” She beamed quietly as we flipped pages. 
She belongs here in the crook of my arm under the pages of an open book where our hair meets and blends together. 
She knows she belongs here.  She told me so last night when she whispered to me before bedtime, “I’m glad that you watch us most, Mama.”
Well I definitely do “watch you most, Madelyn.” I smiled.  I understood what she meant.  
I want her to know that here is where she will always belong. 
It was hard at first and sometimes still, to be okay with being here most of the time.  When I left my job I felt strange staying within my home.  I felt the need to run out a lot.  Cabin fever was a close companion and it still can be; however, I’m learning to belong here. 
For the first few years of my marriage and two years of my baby girl I went from job to my parents, my inlaws and just stopped in really at my house.  It never felt like I spent long there.
But when I left work and moved locales and had to be long in a space….four narrow walls and three stories.  I slowly started the process of being long in a space and learning to be okay with it.
As a mother I have started to unravel the secret that making a home a haven must mean creating a place that your family feels they belong to.  An environment that they can sit long at, eat their favorite meals at, watch their favorite movies, cuddle in their favorite covers, play on their favorite grass, draw and paint, play with their favorite toys with, feel comfortable most in. 
In order to belong to a place, to a family, to a heart one has to be able to be long with.  A home that has a sense of belonging gives a child and a mama and dad the ability to be long in.  To not always have to dash off or out, but to be the place to waltz into after a hard day and want to stay. 
I’m still looking for ways to make whatever home we occupy or place we go to a place that we want to stay long in…a place and haven of comfort and love and favorites that my Madelyn still wants most to be in…to belong  to.
Because in order to belong…you have to have the freedom to be able to be long, to linger long…
Long walks hand in hand on cracked sidewalks or down gravel roads
Long slurps of shared milkshakes
Long Saturday morning snuggles under shared quilts
Long pajama mornings with books and chocolate milk
Long summer nights in twilight grass
Long talks about some things important and some things –oh-so silly
Long dinners over enjoyed and now gone dinner plates
Long lingers over goodnight kisses
Long undistracted moments

I want my family to be long over their life, over this life that they might belong and that the result of all this belonging is really a heart that longs for more
All these short moments lingered long over add up to those long days that make up short years….


  1. I love your perspective on belonging! It's so true that to cultivate that feeling that we belong, we need to slow down, recognize the beautiful moments, and be long. Here's wishing you a Saturday that you can enjoy your lovely family and know that you belong :) Blessings, sweet FMF neighbor!

  2. "And there I bought a pimkin and a popkin,
    A slipkin and a slopkin. . . .
    And all for one farthing!" I LOVE Beatrix Potter.

    This is so sweet. My mama made me belong like that, and if God allows me children one day, I hope to do the same for them. Keep it up!

  3. haha..that is the line exactly... wickepedia only defines pimkin.. :)

  4. This was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this perspective on motherhood and life.
    An FMF neighbor stopping by

  5. Oh this is so beautiful Somer! I love how you weave the tale of making your house a home- and adjusting to staying at home yourself. It's a journey, right? Beautifully written.

  6. definitely Andee. :) Whenever i hear people say, "i would never have the patience to ....." I think, Neither did I. You learn patience by having to be patient. You learn to be a mother really by simply being one.


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