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BurdenBearing - Coffee for Your heart

Coffee for Your Heart/ Words of Life Wednesdays

I spilled it out, finally to someone.  The inner turmoil.  The tossing thoughts. I finally breathed out what has cartwheeled through my mind and quietly taken me through mental gymnastics. 
I said it because I finally feel safe to say it.  To form letters and words that unlock the keys to let the thoughts out and see what her wisdom will reply back.
It is hard to finally confess a fear, struggle, uncertainty, life that isn’t being lived out according to plans, or just plain old hard questions to someone.  When they all seem as if they shouldn’t be a part of you. 
My friend listened quietly and echoed back my feelings.  She understood.  Really she did and was still okay with me and managed to say that it made sense.  That I wasn’t crazy. 
She committed to pray and when she commits to pray she does.
You always hear it said, “There’s power in prayer.” 
If you frequent church its like a jingle that settles into your brain sometimes that you often really rarely see in reality.  You know it to be true, but sometimes it gets lost in the repetition and in the myriad of “I’ll pray for you.  You are in our prayers. “ Those statements that we all make and then don’t follow through with.  Not intentionally but just happens by way of never ending prayer lists and our never ending to-do lists.
This time though it was different. I knew that my sweet friend was talking to My Father for my sake and I felt the windows in that life room creak open and God breathed wind start to breeze through that part of my Heart space.  I started seeing New Life in just a weeks’ time.  Something was happening and I knew that something were her prayers for me.  Areas that seemed hot and stifling and so different than what I wanted to be my reality were being refreshed, repurposed, renewed…all in just eight or nine days. 
She called me late one night this week.  I snuck off to a basement hide-away tucked my feet up into the sofa and laughed with her and then I thanked her, “I know you have been praying for me.  Things are already different.  Something has changed. I know you prayed.”
She confirmed simply what all of me already knew, “I have been.” 
I wonder how many times we miss out on being the part of the solution for someone else all because we don’t take time to bear someone else’s burdens. Isn’t it interesting that God wants us in on other people’s pain?  That He says that it is a part of God’s law?  We often don’t acquiesce and pick up the burden because burdens aren’t fun to bear, they require an investment, and also because we try to pick too many people’s burdens up. 
 You can’t bear everyone’s burdens.  God puts people within your personal court, your sphere to help make it across the finish line of life.  There are people running right beside you, on your track and its up to you to help them win their race.  You’re running near each other for a reason.  So rather than over arching prayers for Miss Elsa’s gall bladder and someone’s neighbor’s uncle perhaps you and I should invest in some quiet moments of supplication for someone your world is closely entwined and enmeshed with.  God puts us with family and friends and neighbors for a reason.
This year I’ve had four names tucked into my mind and on my heart.  Two are brothers of friends.  One is a husband of a friend and one is my personal family member.  Four people that I’ve been led to remember every week and honestly sometimes it seems old, like something I’d like to shake off…but I can’t.  I know those are my burdens to bear and believe with all my heart that My Father God has me bearing them, praying for release and freedom all for a reason.  One that I don’t know now, but one that I will not let go of. 
Whose burdens are you to help bear?  Whose race are you to closely, intimately invest in that they might win the race of life?  Whose cup are you supposed to fill weekly with your words of life that might refresh them for the next lap around the track? 
"Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. "
{Galatians 6:2}
 It’s definitely a command and not a friendship suggestion that Paul pens.  He knew it to be crucial because He was in the thick of persecution and needed people in His court that were cheering Him on and helping Him bear the burden God had placed on His back. 
I wrote thoughts on this verse last week and I come again to it, 2 Corinthians 4:17
"For our light affliction, which is but for a moment worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory." 
These light afflictions and momentary troubles that we are called to help share with others, they are working for and preparing for us an eternal weight of Glory….a Glory that we get to share not in isolation, but in Eternal fellowship. 

I’m so thankful for my friends, my crew, those handful of people in my life willing to help me through.  I know I wouldn’t be me without them.  And what is even more amazing is that God selected certain people to share my life bear my burdens and for me to take on their life packs and walk alongside their journey...our together journey that finish lines with Him.  


  1. You are right, there is no greater gift than prayer! Stopping by from Holley's place! It's nice to meet you!

  2. What truth! I have been thinking about the importance of bearing with one another. We miss out on so much when we stay within ourselves and not allow ourselves to feel each other's pain. Visiting from Words of Life Wednesdays.


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