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Traveling Light

June humidity leaked through the open screen door and sunshine heralded the new day like a golden banner while i scanned websites and magazines for the place to spend a three night vacation with my family.  It was the first real impromptu trip that I have ever thrown together. On a whim. And that whim produced a bit of whimsy.
We were supposed to be camping with the kids at their favorite campground, but after looking into things I realized that we really could exchange a kid themed campground with a dizzying list of activities, for a weekend in the mountains of Tennessee.
My husband hustled out the door into the heat and said, "When I come home we are going.  Make up your mind."

My finger hovered over the cabin I had found only hours before and finally I decided to reserve.
The whole trip was so unlike me.  I'm not a super organized person at all.  Or someone that has to have my ducks in a row.  My life is filled with too much variety for that; h…

tiny finger, big truths

Sometimes I crawl into bed after the girls are lost in dreams carried off by pillows and quilts that they kicked off no matter how cold it is in the house.  I watch the rise and fall of little bodies that are finally  quiet after all day of nonstop.  And sometimes I lay there and pray protection, blessing, and love over them.  I'll slide down the pink comforter now a messy ball of sheets and covers and tip toe out.
I always try to morning pray.  The day just seems better that way. Rose tinges the still dusky sky and I sneak into their room and kneel at their bed or touch their feet and pray for God to help me today speak good words to them, to be patient, and to love them in the way that God loves them, to love them in the way that they need and will be received by them.  Of course stealthiness is key, I am not trying to wake anyone up. Shhhh.....
After I had my third baby I would find myself whispering words of love in her tiny ears as she drifted off to sleep, "Moriah, God …

Finish - Five Minute Fridays

Finish Food
It's Finish Friday for me too.  Finish in a silly sense.  Its been a week without my husband and I'm glad this week has come to a wrap.  Me and my crew are anxious and happy to celebrate daddy again tonight,  with fireflies sparkling mirroring our own happy smiles. Because its Friday I'm linking up with Lisa Jo Baker's 5 Minute Fridays and the word is Finish
Soul food.  I think every culture, part of the country, or group of people (even different families) have their own version.  Something that goes down warm and smooth and is medicinal.  Special memories, special moments, and love are simmered in the layer of flavor so that the tongue reflects the joy of what the heart already feels upon its consumption. My parents are currently reformed into very "crunchy" people now. I am proud of them.  My parents have always been on the small side and never had too much to worry about waist wise, but they weren't the healthiest eaters…

Magic Moment - Coffee for Your Heart

It's Wednesday and promising to be a very hot one...
I'm linking up with Holly Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart

Sometimes you read books that truly make you think...make you think differently, think deeply, think better.
I'm reading a marriage book that I actually want to finish and have been blessed by that has quite an unconventional title, Sexy Christians. Passionate marriage counselor and author Ted Roberts and his wife Diane penned this book out of their deep desire to see Christian marriages healed and whole.
They are defining oneness in marriage as a whole, not just little pieces or compartments.  Isn't that true of all of our lives?  Isn't true that this concept of whole hearted living is to be a part of every avenue of our lives?  All the parts and pieces of our lives overlap with the next and effect for the positive or negative of the whole.  That is why it truly is not effective to only focus on one aspect of your marriage and exp…

The Ultimate Bible Study

I'ts Wednesday so that means I'm linking up to Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart  Holley always pens uplifting encouraging short and very sweet words of life on her site.

The Ultimate Bible Study

I still remember walking into that room with women leaned over plastic tables in semi-circle.  Some women had plates of refreshments, others a trusty water bottle, and I sat there with fingers wrapped a round a typical styrofoam cup of coffee and a plate that I had placed the best slab of apple cake drizzled with caramel whipped icing i.have.ever. had. (i got the recipe, but I can't make boiled caramel icing)
Summer was making her exit with September leaves and the spicy cake and topic of thankfulness ushered me into Autumn that year.  It had been a very rough summer.  Three summers ago.  One of lots of joy, vacations, trips to see friends, and one of great loss too.
I remember listening to the leader's voice and really connecting with what she s…

I'm six minute Saturday 'ing again...
Word prompt from Lisa Jo Baker is 'Belong'
I heard it soft and almost not there this morning.I crept upstairs and peeked around the squeaky cream seventy year old door with the stiff always stuck glass door knobs…there she was…four year old blonde slightly bed head with her too short rose bud sprinkled night gown.Her blue eyes twinkled, “Good morning Mama.” “I’m glad you are up,” I whispered into her hair.I knew that this meant we had some coveted alone time together.I brewed the coconut flavored coffee and gave her a sip.We quietly read an old Beatrix Potter tale with all the intricate watercolors and we discussed new words like “pimkin” which we looked up means ‘pan’.We laughed over the English tale and the ridiculous idea of mice that sew. “Im glad we get to snuggle.” She beamed quietly as we flipped pages. She belongs here in the crook of my arm under the pages of an open book where our hair meets a…

BurdenBearing - Coffee for Your heart

Coffee for Your Heart/ Words of Life Wednesdays http://asoftgentlevoice.blogspot

I spilled it out, finally to someone.The inner turmoil.The tossing thoughts. I finally breathed out what has cartwheeled through my mind and quietly taken me through mental gymnastics. I said it because I finally feel safe to say it.To form letters and words that unlock the keys to let the thoughts out and see what her wisdom will reply back. It is hard to finally confess a fear, struggle, uncertainty, life that isn’t being lived out according to plans, or just plain old hard questions to someone.When they all seem as if they shouldn’t be a part of you. My friend listened quietly and echoed back my feelings.She understood.Really she did and was still okay with me and managed to say that it made sense.That I wasn’t crazy. She committed to pray and when she commits to pray she does. You always hear it said, “There’s power in prayer.” If you frequent church its like a jingle that settl…