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What Season are You? #Coffee for Your Heart, Words of Life Wednesdays

Joining up with Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart where you are supposed to share something that might encourage others....
And also with Words of Life Wednesdays....

We are circled up in florescent lights noshing on brownies and spicy pepper dip and drawing an end to a Bible study...the leader on the video is in a garden...dead of the winter season...the season of fallow...of repose and rest...bare limbs....long sleep...winter...
the leader is saying how all these different seasons are necessary and are getting the earth ready for the next season to be....
A Soft Gentle VoiceWe discuss this a little bit after the video is turned off and our leader asks us "What season are you in?"
Its funny when you hear the question out loud that you were just pondering in the car on the way...
Or rather the idea...
The statement mirrored my thoughts that rolled through my mind as I rolled from suburbia down big curves and cow pastures on my way.... I was driving down asphalt aisles into a front row seat to all that is spring glory....six o clock spring sun glory....glinting golden from its perch west ward...its May sun glory transforming everything in its paths luminous, bold
And as I was driving along I thought to myself what I've often thought...that Nature many times is like a language all its own, speaking Truth
in lilting breezes...swaying grass...unending skies...falling leaves...pure snow...frost speech....

And like the leader in the Bible study paralleled Seasons to God's teaching tools I see it of life painted in Autumn reds and golds and Springs' new beginnings...

If I could sing I would.  Perhaps that's why I can't ....I bet I would be one of those annoying people who are always singing, if what came out, sounded pleasant....but when you are married to a man who opens His mouth and beauty is all that comes don't....
Of course I sing silly with my kids and in the shower or in the car...but I'd never go solo anywhere...
But if I could...I've always thought I know what I would sing...
I'd belt out that oh so beautiful Nicole Nordeman song....Every Season....
When I hear that heart aches with all the beauty that she describes....
If you've never heard it should....
She takes you on a journey through all the seasons and shows God glimmers in all of them..and crescendos with this final summary of spring...

"And everything that's new has bravely surfaced
 Teaching us to breathe

And what was frozen through is newly purposed 
Turning all things green

So it is with you and how you make me new
 With every season's change

And so it will be as you are re-creating me...
 Summer, autumn, winter, 


Just like the psalmist confirms in Psalm 19 the Heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands...Day after Day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.

Nature really does speak truth....that the Psalmist confirms its a wordless language that runs to the ends of the earth....

And this reminded me of what I had jotted down when spring first arrived quiet and shy, two months ago in March....I was experiencing my usual spring wonder that occurs in the first warm days of late fickle February or early teasing March....

I drive into a new almost spring, rose, periwinkle lavender all blending together...God's finger brushing all the pastels...blurring edges like electric sidewalk chalk
That orange dreamcicle sun....I'm so happy to see it it looks Spring different already ...I would reach up, touch it and figuratively taste  that tangerine slice setting over the mountains...I'd let spring burst in my mouth and let it run down my chin like my Madelyn's chin runs with watermelon red summer....can you tell that I love skies? especially skies iced strawberry red and lilac
And I was excited...i remember it...i was in the car driving by myself and I watched it unfold....

And so I began thinking of Spring and what spring God wants to do in me this year...and always...

What must I let go of  and leave that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord? 

What must I leave as I march out of soul winter and into the new God desires to do in me?

In what areas of my life am I to leave? what doubts to silence? what dreams and truth do I wake from winter hibernation?  

How many times the winter I need to leave is the ice of frozen fear...the hardness of unbelief...and the cold isolation of unforgiveness ....

Like March that gusts all the Winter gone....and blows the earth clean before Spring sets in... what can I  let blow away from me?  Like a kite that March takes away?
And like all of those new flags painted spring on porches...might I fly my own little banner that says "God I welcome the new, You want to do. The spring cleaning You want to do in much I welcome all that is beautiful spring."

What can I let go of this Spring?  that I might march out of and receive God's new work? 

And April hosts Spring's beautiful party....cherry trees dripping like so many crepe pink streamers announcing the fragrant visual party that is spring..... 

Spring its definitely here in April and Easter morning confirms the truth of Spring ...that life comes from the dark, from the dead, from the laying down of oneself .... from God laying Himself low as a dead seed in Good Friday soil and emerging alive...the tender root of Jesse trumpets Easter Lilly radiant Sunday morning....
How new life springs up through the soil of pain and sacrifice ...of letting go and laying down

Easter Joy

And how God opens Sky Heavens and douses the earth in April with so many showers ...
All the showers mirror His love pouring down rich floods of His grace...His mercy...always His love...
And I want to let His Love Shower run down over my face and let His love drizzle warm grace over the cold winter heart I've held onto in so many ways...for all of those days....
And like my girls always finding the puddles...with puddle radar... in the warm spring rain I want to find every love puddle He has left to nourish my heart soil and ask my girls to jump in with me....

What Love Showers of His can I find to dance in? 

And My favorite is always the signature of Spring....the stamp of approval of late Spring...May. 
I love May. 
Its my favorite.
Every year.

I asked my middle girl what were the four seasons the other day and she said, "Summer, winter...fall. and May."  :)  
I agree...May is worthy of its own season...
And this May as the buds open up all around me in rhododendron magenta and royal iris ruffles what might God's May yield in me?  In my heart soil...what flowers might bloom in me if I let Jesus breath spring over my soul? 
Am I really okay with God doing new...doing spring in me? So that more of Him may spring up in me?
Have I seen God say "yes" to a dream He planted in my heart? 
Am I ready to take Him up on it? 

What sweet fruit could come from me? 

 June's pink peonies and romantic roses burst with so much sweetness.... June is often times reserved for celebrations of no more school...moving on to new beginnings...and so often celebrating the love of a bride and groom....
I want to share the blush of love coloring my heart with the people around me....the love in my heart with the kids at  my table, the husband beside me, the people I see in my every day ordinary life...because every day could be a June that celebrates the rich love and faithfulness pledged to everyone of God's children by Himself our Groom...
I want to find ways I can fall in love with Him by falling deeper into His heart of Love thats always there for the seeing...and I want to love deeper all the ones He has given my care
I want Spring to culminate Love always as the theme of my heart...The Theme of His heart...set to motion in me....June is a wild warm celebration of Love...And I want to join in this Spring

All seasons teach us...lead us...canvas aspects of God and His desires...His majesty for Us....His love...His cases all the mysteries...His ways....i don't want to miss them...and I'm glad our teacher asked us that got me thinking....

What about you? 
What season are you in?
What spring does God want to do in you? in some wintry cold place in your heart?
What dream does He want to see soar like Kite's in March?
What sweet things does He want to grow in
What windows need to be opened to let the light and fresh wind breeze in?
What spring cleaning needs to be done?
What baby new eyes do you need to look through the world with?
What new things does God get to do in you now?  
Have you said "Yes" to His dress of His righteousness...have you been His beloved Bride? 

Happy Spring 


  1. Such beautiful reflections and longings, Summer. I love how nature teaches us so much Truth. I am longing with you: "I want to find ways I can fall in love with Him by falling deeper into His heart of Love thats always there for the seeing...and I want to love deeper all the ones He has given my care"

    1. thank you for stopping by Trudy. Enjoy your spring! its going by so fast

  2. I love to reflect on the seasons, also! So much rich beauty here.

    How the heavens do declare His glory and so, we who have lips (even if we don't have the voice of songbirds) should praise Him all the more!

    I love your daughter's summery of the months. It made me smile!

    Thank you, lovely Summer for sharing your heart! and linking up at Word of Life!

    God bless you in this season of 'May" ;)

  3. Beautiful descriptions, Summer. Thankful for your reflections!

  4. I love that season question! I'm a big believer in them, having been through more than a few!

    Expectations are different, roles change, the calendar might be a tad more/less full. But His love for me remains constant, a solid rock in a sea of shifting sand. And my love for Him only grows.

    Embracing this season with joy ... and so glad we met this week, Summer!



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