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Five Minute Friday - Close

It's Friday...another warm May Friday and I'm linking up with Lisa Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday's where she gives you a word to run away with ...and the word is Close ....

Today is the day that I wish I could be in sunny South a kitchen overlooking a boat dock...
Really I do.
Its a kitchen messy with cupcake batter, patriotic sprinkles, frosting, and all things that are taste bud amazingness...

It's Memorial Day weekend and my best buddy is getting ready for her annual weekend of hospitality...
I texted her last night and wanted to know the menu...
I always like hearing her menus...I've told her before...and still will today...
"Seriously, you and your mama should write a cookbook filled with your personal back stories about those amazing Norwegian Butter Cookies and that meaty lasagna."
She doesn't think I'm serious.
But I am.  I think they have what it takes to paint a cookbook with slices of Donna's Key Lime Cake and Cinnamon Buns that will make Ina Garten feel slightly uncomfortable and competitive.
And then it would be every other page sprinkled with whatever Jenna has made that is currently the cake or pie on the cover of Southern Living.
Three years ago she decided to gift me with my own subscription to Southern Living....
Its sort of like the Vogue of all things Southern veranda and things you would lick your plate after your done eating...
And without fail I ask Jenna, "Did you make that cake or pie?"
And she always.does.always.

Me, I never do.
But I enjoy looking. And flipping the pages always reminds me of her and all the joy I feel when I can eat some of her food and hear her laugh. I use it as a cultural experience for me and my girls.  Their bakingless mama won't be making strawberry lemonade cake with real lemon curd in between the layers of fluffy from scratch strawberry cake bedazzled with home ade whipped cream cheese frosting with real strawberries folded in served up with fresh squeezed lemonade...But let me tell you my dears...there are a few that do...and you happen to know one ...named Jenna.
We ooh and ahh over the cover and flip through the recipes and talk it up and I think...Jenna.

So back to this weekend:  She and her seer suckered clad honey host an annual Memorial Day Bash that leaves one stuffed to the brim with swelling tummies, happy mouths, and hearts full of hospitality.  Jenna always knows how to make someone's heart feel like they've been welcomed home.
Man, I wish I was closer!  

We've been separated by hundreds of miles (this is the closest we've been) for 11 years now.  But I never feel far away from her. Ever.
When your heart strings stay connected to someone that knows you sometimes better than you do and who loves you...really loves you...then you never feel that far away...
It's almost like my little Madelyn says all the time..."Let's sit next beside each other," her term of cuddle claustrophobia that leaves it hard to breathe but leaves me smiling anyways....
I may not be at that lake party eating my weight in hamburgers, home made pimento cheese dip, and watermelon...But my heart is always "next beside" you Jenna...
We're 'close' like that...
Jenna and her Honey 
And I've been saying little prayers already to ask our dear Father to not let any kitchen catastrophes or last minute fiascoes to hamper all the fun that will be your weekend...:)


  1. What a fun post to read :) I'm hungry now! Glad I found you through Five Minute Fridays. Love how you and I have completely different takes on the word "close."

    "Next beside" and "cuddle claustrophobia" make me smile :) Thanks!

  2. This is such a wonderful word picture of friendship. And as one who is separated by many miles from my dearest friend, I appreciate this reminder that we are never truly far from those we love and who love us. And, like you, my heart is always "next beside" my friend's heart, and that is a beautiful thing.

    May you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  3. Aw, the ache of being away from the ones we love so dearly!! I appreciated this so much- your genuine love and appreciation for your friend. It is beautiful. This is true friendship, when you enjoy different things, but you can appreciate what your friend loves. It is refreshing to hear about it!!!
    Love it!


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