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Five Minute Fridays # Mighty

Today I'm joining Lisa Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday writing flash mob and the word is "Mighty"

Five Minute Friday
Mighty is one of those words that simultaneously always comes in the same phrase as God.  It's in children's songs and choruses I've sung all my life about God.  Great and Mighty is He.  It's in myriads of Bible verses as a God description. It is a word that makes me think of an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, a word for the hopeless situation, a beam of light shining down into thick darkness...And when I think mighty I automatically think of Jesus' grave...stone rolling and death literally exploding with life...something so other worldly, so mighty and only something that God can do....
Let me tell you the other words in my mind synonymous with mighty... Hope...
Hope is what has to be in your heart in order to withstand any insurmountable force of life...whether it be death, sorrow, debilitating illness, loss, heart ache, financial have to have Hope...or you will will drown you if you don't wear Hope like a Life saver...if you can't shoot up flares of Hope when the storm is dark then you don't have anything...

As a follower of Jesus I know that no matter what happens...I have Hope...I have the Hope of Heaven and I have the hope of the love of others that know him...that share the Hope...

Sometimes I wonder if that wasn't the difference with Peter and Judas...Judas betrayed Jesus and hopelessly ended it all, before even nightfall of  Good Friday...Peter's thrice denial, running scared and ashamed, not even mentioned at the cross got "reinstated" by Jesus....and was commissioned by Jesus to "Feed My Sheep"...given Hope, given new chances, new beginnings... and he becomes mighty enough to die for the Jesus he denied
You know Hope is part of God's three stranded chord of spiritual must holds hands with Faith and is led by Love..

If you have faith in a God that is always mighty to save and who is the Great King of Heaven who is leading your way, who can move mountains if He chooses, or will be your shelter and fortress if he chooses not to..the Head Lifter the feeder at Life's Cherith Brook...
If you  own the hope that God hasn't given up on you and will use even you and me to work His miracles, mysteries, and show His might ...who believes in your capabilities and recognizes the gifts He placed in you...more than even you do...and who wants to use the very dreams he placed in your life 

and if you have Love...the greatest of the can see God's might in your life in unimaginable ways... 
There is no more mighty a force than unconditional Love and no other source for this force than God...Love's originator... the God who is Love

I see might in God's people played out in many ways...things only His might can equip people to do..
....unconditionally love the unloving
....offer forgiveness for unthinkable
...give up the riches of the world for the well being of the poor 
...carry a child knowing it will die hours after its' earth arrival, but being faithful anyways 
...make the retiree give up his days of ease to endlessly pour out His life for others
...make people with full lives, open their hearts and pocket books and homes to orphans
...make a daughter say of tragically murdered mother, "She's safely home."
...God's mighty power working through the weak is capable of amazing things...
And I witness my own "mighty God moments" in the smallness of home...
Here's one that recently happened...a mighty question asked me a couple of weeks ago by my little middle girl...Her name means high minded...Madelyn and her middle name is faith...i don't think she could have been given a more suitable name, 
"Mama?"  she softly asks and I barely hear almost don't even answer 
"Uh, yes?"  I almost ignored her because I was helping oldest girl make a "recipe" (as the little girls call it)...Little girl speaks softly over the dinner hour din...."Mama? Can we really change the world?"
I felt my face go blank and out of the mundane i was wonderstruck at such a question... i nodding my head... "Oh yes, can when you tell others about God."  
she smiled hope was falling like soft rain on her heart...what a mighty question in the midst of five thirty....
Our words can be mighty...they can be filled with love and grace, they can possess faith  and they can offer hope to people everywhere...everyday...they can make the mundane, the mighty

"Mama? Can we really change the world?"  ...a four year old's ambition 


  1. Beautiful post! Such an insightful question for a little girl to ask and she's lucky to have a mama like you who tells her that yes, through Christ, she can. I loved your list of things people can do when they have the hope and love of Christ in their lives. Thanks for sharing!


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