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Who Inspires You? Coffee for Your Heart

Today I'm linking up with Coffee for You Heart with Holley Gerth…

The question is Who Inspires You?

I have to say that this question could be answered by me in a  myriad of ways…different people for different seasons and phases…and different people with different gifts….
Of course my parents, my own children, my husband who despite our many differences is one of the few people that unexpectedly believes in me…. 

The people that inspire me are always people that are tapped into God's three strand cord... the three essentials Faith, Hope, & Love…

Today I will say that I am inspired by the women God has placed in my life to walk beside me…
People that are in it for the long haul…not fair weather friends….but friends that are there for the boring, ugly, joy and victories…
I am blessed to say I have a few of those kinds of friends…friend that are those
 "Come What May, we are here to Stay"  friends...

Right now I am walking down a purposeful path towards Love with one friend…we are plodding on together…she was willing and we both were in need and we are doing soul searching, praying, studying, and encouraging each other to better love our husbands…being real about it together…and guess what?  Because of her I keep up and don't throw in the towel on my journey into seeing all that i'm lacking when it comes to Love…I am asking myself the hard questions and taking a look….at me

Every Wednesday a friend and I meet together remembering two people precious to us and who we feel compelled to pray and fast for….we meet and share drinks and let our stomachs growl…because we are hungry to see real change happen to two of the people most important to us…I can because she does too ….

And as always I have that friend many miles apart, but just a walk across the yard of our hearts…my dear South Carolina southern belle whom always seems to know when I need to hear from her…
Last night I had been out all day…done my errands, my day at school, did my weekly grocery shopping…it was late…
I am holding sacks and fumbling for keys and my eyes fall on a brown box…I knew it was from her….
Who else sends me packages?
She brought me a pause… i needed…before I went to unpacking all the groceries…feeding the baby…getting dinner…I sat down with my loves and pulled out her gift…soaked in her words…i have kept all the cards…they could scrapbook our past…The first one was in fourth grade and said "Do you like to read? Check yes or no?" haha…the litmus test for our friendship that continues to send books through the mail….
I am so thankful for the women I get to share life with…who inspire me to always push forward and to enjoy life because they are along for the ride ….

Jenna, Kristen, and Judy…you inspire me 

Jenna...with a big heart full of Southern Hospitality 

Oh and on more little woman that inspires me.. She's Third girl and nothing helps you get through washing a pile of dishes than little hands that come wrap around your legs and a caramel head that leans against your knees...
And you all sudsy fingers...let the sink run as you bend down to hug that little cheerleader...I cannot forget my brown eyed inspiration....


  1. This is such a beautiful tribute... such a blessing to have such friends! Visiting from Holley's today, sharing a cup of coffee!

  2. Such a beautiful post...this community of women inspires me to love more deeply and take the time to invest. :) Sending hugs today, sweet friend...have a wonderful day!


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