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Five Minute Fridays # Choose


I listen to a friend speak.  I see her changed face, her steady heart, her confidence, her comfortable in her own skin, her ease… and I smile.  I was hoping this day would come…

I haven't seen her or really talked with her.  And after a noisy dinner with children, demands, dollhouses, jumping, and a toy explosion all over the room…I get to hear the change in her…how her heart chose Him… I knew she had, but I hadn't known the story.  Hearing her tell of her choice, her change, Her love…was such a gift…

Choice is really a word that places the balls of life always in our court…we have the power to choose apples or bananas, soups or sammies, regular or decaf, 3 bedrooms or 4…and so on…we have those surface daily choices…

But we also have those deep in my soul, life change choices…that move the icebergs within and make me finally enter in to Him….

She told me how the day of her choice to follow Him was so unexpected…so not planned…except by God Himself…How she heard His invitation as audibly as if He had spoken it aloud…and she just knew…it was her day…Her choice to choose Him…her stepping out day…into Him who is Love…

I made that choice as a four year old…I still remember…being by myself standing next to my parents worn out 90s couch…Saturday sunshine streaming into the tan carpeted living room…an old show called Gospel Bill on saturday morning tv…I remember that I prayed to receive Christ then…and no one was there…I knew I had said Yes….even a child can make a choice…
Its funny how that moment that was so clear and still is clear…got fuzzy as I got into elementary school….how i suddenly felt the weight of doubt…in myself…in my inability to really choose and in the depth of God's love for me….how the doubt muddied my soul and turned me into a performer…trying to earn grace and feeling the love of God drain farther and farther from me…
How I kept up that pattern through high school…deeply trying to win the love of God…when I already had it…and didn't know it...
I have had heard it said many times…that there is too much a focus on the love of God and not the justice of God…but I don't agree….They are a part of the same…God says He is Love…and if you ever quake with doubt go look up 1 Corinthians 13 and you see God's definition of Love…all that love is and is not…that it is Patient and is Kind ….that He is not self seeking, easily angered, always believes, always trusts, that He never gives up…that Love forebears all things….
I've been doing a love study with a dear friend…and when I look at myself in comparison to the love definition …I and everyone I know fall painfully short…wholly short…we don't measure up…
only the God who is Love can meet up to the definition described…
Just like it is easy to Choose to Love a faithful and compassionate lover…
How can I not choose to Love the one Who is Love…who is perfect Love?  why do we always war over the fact that a God who is Love says I must change?  Must repent?…Of course I must…How can I, one who is so wholly focused on me and my little life and so quick to be impatient and thoughtless do anything but repent when I know that God is everything Love and Good that I am so often not?

Of Course a God who is Love says I must change…just like I look at my own kids and see edges that must be sanded down and things that will have to be given up if they are to truly mature and know a good life…I wouldn't want a God who was okay with the darkness in me…was okay with me always carrying the places that leak my life away and joy rob me…my sin…Thank God that the God who is love says that those dark places must go, so that I may really know Him….  know Love and be free, to be the me He desires me to be…and that the God who is Love was the Love I needed…the love that ran down bloody and paid for all that darkness so I wouldn't have to….who exploded through the silence of a grave so I wouldn't always be dead...

I was reading through Jonah the other and i read this and my heart knows its true their in my bedroom reading with a sleeping baby and agreeing with Jonah who is praying deep in fish belly...“Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them."

Isn't it interesting that we keep ourselves from the Love of God because of our own idols..which for some look like personal life plans, dreams, insecurities, or like me fears….

For the past two and a half years…I've been seeing that element I hadn't seen or really understood before…that pivotal truth that makes me know God the only Truth…that Jesus Christ is Perfect Love…that His love trumps all my fears…

that what John, God's beloved disciple said is. true.
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love

That all my focus on punishment, and doing this and not that, and all the dark coats of fear that I kept pulling out of my soul closet were because I didn't understand that God is Love…when I wear Him, when I hide in Him I am the safest I will ever be…that I can let go of it all and trust the One who is Love and wholly Good 

Lately I've been thinking of his love like many think of it like an ocean, powerful, raging, constant always a tide sometimes rushing high to reach me and sometimes a low tide where more of my soul shore must be bared…but it is constant as the sun that shines…every day, every minute God's love tide pounds away in a million different ways…I am just the sandy shore

how all the time that I was trying to love God, i was missing the the point…that I only really can Love God when I am fully receiving the Love of God…He is Ocean pounding and always surging and I just receive that Love in awe and joy and then off of my sand runs all my love back…right back to Him…its like sea rhythm… I love because He loved me first…..And His waves shape and change my shore and clean off my heart debris…all my sin get swallowed up in His Sea

I've always liked the name John because it means beloved…He was called Jesus' beloved friend…and He penned first John which is a whole study in the real pure love of God and what those who know this Love look like…

You know what?  You and I are God's beloved so won't you let yourself step out into the circle of God's love, His way, through His Son and let yourself be your truest name? Beloved…You can wear the name if you choose to be loved…by Him…

“Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him,

    for he shields him all day long,
    and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.

When You choose Him you choose Love today, tomorrow, eternity on…He is endless love waves, you just receive the love and it flows back…You rest and breathe in His wild love wind..won't You choose Him? 

Won't you be like my friend who now has love rest on her face? 

Wave Joy…Wont you dance in His love?


  1. A beautiful post about the untiring love of God. Hi from a fellow FMF writer! :)

  2. What a post! This is hugely uplifting, and such a great reminder what being a Christian is really about. I love this line especially, "we also have those deep in my soul, life change choices…that move the icebergs within and make me finally enter in to Him…." :)

  3. Such a thought provoking and genuine post. Thank you for sharing from your soul today. I recently did a blog post on being called Beloved. I LOVE that name He gives us, as his beloved, betrothed, agape loved daughters. There is so much wrapped up in that name that we take for granted. So glad to see you mention it here. Look forward to reading more from you. Thanks for visiting me today, as well. ;)

  4. So beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog today

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog! This is a really great piece about God's love- yes, it is a choice we often have to make (I guess daily)- but what a good one!

  6. Such a beautiful post, my friend. So grateful for His perfect love! Blessings. :)


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