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You're Not Alone

Kristen and I meet at parks and park hop spring, summer, and autumn days away…. We corn maze escape, apple orchards hunt, and pool trip splash, we dress up clothes assist, and birthday celebrate, we kid fight mediate …we deck hop too...with sweating glasses of tea and kids sloshing all the water out of the kiddie pool, garden hose fight and sprinkler run..
We sit on park benches and confess our deep dreams, our hopes, the latest mama drama :), our kids new accomplishments, our struggles, funny moments, sweet moments, heart moments..…
We share cups of Starbucks and styrofoam sweet tea goodness over the latest mom escapades we experienced and shared nods over hurts and heart aches, tantrums and questions...
We watch our 3 littles run all around jungle gyms, open fields,  play tag down park trails, up and down steps with iron man figures and super mario in hands lost in their imaginations….
Its been a cold winter and our weekly meetings have been shut inside…today we opened up hearts and dreams while stirring cocoa and sugar, pouring in heavy cream…simmering chocolate comfort…dunking marshmallows and musing over life questions…all to the tune of children playing in the snow..excited giggles and shouts of "Icicles!" and "Snow forts"…ice puddles around snow boots and knit hats, coats, scarves, and soggy gloves confetti on the floor… tiny Tea cups filled with sweet cocoa and our warm littles finally resting for just a few moments to pause and watch a movie lounging on couches... and we drink in the cocoa and the momentary hush and watch the baby toddle..
I smile big while we share and enjoy each others company and talk over the maybes of the future…of hope...
We've kept this company and kept the friendship that has stayed since those sunny days on a playground in second grade…twenty two years later…college roommates…bridesmaids…both of us witnesses at the birth of our firstborns... four kids later…road trips, museums, dinner dates, shared books,  cookie making, dog shows (haha), ice cream cones, and shared recipes and bottles of cranberry splash later…

All those moments together as simple as they may be…let us know even if it isn't spoken …that as far as each of us is concerned our hearts are saying…"You're not alone.  I care, deeply care about you and your family.  I am committed to praying for and standing beside you in the thick and thin of this life.  Helping you push through and hang on and believe I will see God do amazing things  through the masterpiece that is your simple beautiful life.  I will always believe, even when you might doubt."
Because a friend that you've been down roads with and traveled through years with…watched life unfold and doors open and close with...thats a friend that shows you in their hug and in their eyes, in the food from their kitchen, the clothes from their closet, the birthdays they remember, and the kiss they give your child as you walk out their door…the truth you know about God...that You are Never Alone… I'm thankful for God's reminder to me of this truth through the gift of my friend Kristen.
Apple Orchard Mommy Date 

I'm joining Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart Wednesday Encouragement Blog 


  1. Oh, what a great post! And what a gift you have in Kristen. :) We moved to a brand new place three years ago, and God was so good to give me a community. And though it's taken time, He's blessed me with some dear friends who hand-hold, heart-spill, and share life with me...such sweet reminders that I'm not alone. I'm so blessed by them...and by my sweet sisters online, and you are one of them! So grateful for community. :) Hugs to you, sweet friend! You are a blessing.

  2. What a precious treasure your friendship is! I loved reading about it. Here from Holley's linky.

  3. Thank you for the reminder that we’re not alone! So glad you linked up with Coffee for Your Heart this week! XO

  4. Visiting via Coffee for Your Heart. Your friendship story is so beautiful. I'm glad I stopped by today. God Bless.


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