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Tree - 5 Minute Fridays


Besides the word Sky...(I'm a sky lover, watcher, fantasizer)  the other beauty that takes my breath in nature that captures me and is the subject of most of my scribbling ....captivating me in rough bark and mazes of roots....Sometimes perfectly symmetrical in beauty like Pear trees and sometimes wild and unkempt...are God's treasured sculptures....His trees...

Willow trees hanging down green delicate chains of fountaining hair skimming the grass like my girls' hair does when they swing on swings....I love me some willow trees...I always have...I see one and I have to proclaim it to my passengers in tow....I've done it so many times that my oldest daughter who is almost six used to find one and say, "Theres your tree Mama"....

Maple trees...beautiful in shape and deep in shade...maple trees on which provide the perfect strong limbs for climbing...where we've climbed up and jumped into golden delicious colored leaves heaping up under dangling feet...I love the shapes of maple leaves (yes Canada I like your flag...nicely done) and I love the way a Maple leaf looks on fire Candy apple Embers in the fall....

I love flowering trees like the Weeping Cherry Trees that my mother has always had in bloom every spring....Beautiful white blossoms cascading down and kissing the new spring grass....

Ok I like trees a lot and I like to make my kids watching and taking note...want some free entertainment?  go around pointing out all of the beauty in a Fall afternoon you can find...its like Natures time under the magnifying glass... all the beauty eclipses the ordinary that was there before you:
That gnarly, knobby tree twisting up in natural sculpture... "Look girls!  Look at that tree!"
That elm transformed by Autumn clothed in Scarlet....wild vines crimson running down the trunk..."Guys look at that tree!"  We all stop and look in hush...Thee year old half pint..."Look mom! Look at that tree..." She points small finger and draws us all into the charms of one Orange glow radiating on the side of the street saturating a boring yard with color and Autumn....

I love old trees...Trees like Oaks and Elms that have spread their branches and filled up the sky shading children and standing silent watch over passerbyers for years....I muse over all the changes they have seen and who has walked underneath ....

I love Magnolias for no other reason than that they remind me of two Southern belles that happen to be closest to my heart...It's funny how two of the sweetest women I know find glory in a Magnolia tree...One now up in Heaven... a waxy white blossom bearing Magnolia fragrance at the work place she poured out her life, in her honor....

I think one reason I like trees is that they point up....Look at a forest of trees and you see all of them pointing up like a steeple...a myriad of steeples pointing fingers...making us look up....
Stand beneath a towering oak or pine spire or shaggy hemlock or blue gray woodsy spruce... breath in the fresh piney scent and you can't help but look up....Standing at the base of a tree always draws your eyes Up....

It reminds of this verse in Isaiah

They will be called oaks of righteousness,
    a planting of the Lord
    for the display of his splendor.

I want to be one of His of those that are clothed in His beauty perhaps gnarled with wear and tear but pointing up to the Sky to the be an oak of righteousness...great trees always draw your eye up to Him


  1. Reading your description reminds me of just how much I love trees. What a beautiful variety you have around you. And what a wonderful way to tie it in to that great verse from Isaiah. Thank you for sharing such lovely words and photos!


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