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down the slide with grandma was just what my first baby could say first....a shortened version of my mom's first name "Pim" which morphed into the endearing, unique term 'Pimmy'
And she's particular about the short "i" in Pimmy...not "Pammy"...
Well it was her birthday this week and i thought I would comprise a short list of things that I have seen in and been blessed by and through from my mother Pam, aka  Pamela by my dad ( I always felt warm inside when my dad would call my mom this...i thought it sounded so special)

She was....

The pillow fluffer, sheet smoother, the daily bed maker
The biscuit kneader, the flour sprinkler, the dough cutter
The pie dough roller, the pudding stirrer, the meringue toaster
The cinnamon roll glazer, the sweet tea brewer, the cheese melter
(I'm glad she is associated with always amazing food!)

She was....

The house decorator, armed with supplies from the fabric store and thrift shops
The flower arranger, the weed puller, the flower grower, rock mover, seed planter,
The handy man, nail hammerer, paint roller, lawn mower, wheel barrow in hand with a pick ax loosening up soil and sometimes planting things like sod

Her gardens she dug from hand and planned out every year were beautiful and full of vibrant color...i remember staring at them amazed at the packaged seeds metamorphosis into shasta daisies, sunflowers, zinnias, royal phlox, and touch me nots that i always touched gingerly to hear them snap...i miss snapdragons

She was...

The play mate, the bike rider, the play ground hopper, the picnic maker
The birthday party planner, the birthday cake baker (sometimes three tier- mom there is no reason for such cakes)

She was ...

My first teacher pouring volumes of musty smelling historical biographies into my mind and me captivated... she knows how to exuberantly tell a story....
The librarian of sorts always taking us to the library...library hopping...with piles of children's books spread thick around on the floor.... i think thats why i have no inhibition when it comes to sitting down in bookstores and reading in the aisles......

She was...

The mom who always wanted us to know we were loved and special and unique
The mom always saying she loved my blonde hair and my sisters black curls
The mom who dressed up as grandpa on grandparents day and got my sister to be an old pint sized grandma as well because her heart hurt that I never had a grandparent to come (not that this did not embarrass me thoroughly... but she hurt for me)

The one who always told the neighborhood kids Bible Stories and tried to teach them the right way.
The one who always let them come over for two allocated hours of crazy wild chaotic play...
At the end of the two hours of pandemonium she would say, "Ok kids! Play times up!"

The mom who always spoke highly of her mother-in-law that I never really got to know
She let me know that my grandma was a special lady

The mom who never gave up and always wanted her own mother's love and approval so much
I always saw the hurt and my little heart broke
The mom with a little girl heart broken and never fully healed...

The mom who loved my dad and always called him "Michael G"
The mom who turned out always german chocolate cakes with coconut frosting and golfing memorabilia for his May day birthdays
The mom who made us "Run and greet your Father!" when she would see my salesman dad pull into the driveway at dusk
The mom who tried to learn all the facts about golf and basketball so she could "chat it up"

The mom who was always a card sender and letter writer
Rubbing scented candles on her stationery and mailing out Christmas cards galore

The mom who is now grandmother to my three daughters
The mom who now plays her grandma heart out whenever requested to by her grand kids
I've come home to them in trees, running around the house on stick horses, deep in hid-n-seek games with both grandparents, painting, rolling out pie crusts, re-enacting Bible stories (yes drinking food coloring water as Wine and breaking bread and learning about the Last supper)

The mom who loves my husband and always wants to cook food for "my son" and the one who insists i let him eat it all despite the fact that i know a whole stick of butter was just submerged into that bubbling pot
The mom who showed up yesterday on her birthday and made a pot of soup for me and mine because we were under-the-weather and couldn't leave the house...

She is the mom who always read her Bible the tattered One Year Bible filled with scribbles, underlines, and stars...
The mom who never meets a stranger in the grocery line and just won't "shut up" at the check out counter
The mom who prays and prays
The mom who is zealous to a fault....

So on her birthday I thought that i would remember her and her goods
The beauty she wove into my life
She gave me my golden hair and my love for books and has persevered through dark times fighting against the dark forces of the past that have threatened to engulf her...
She is an overcomer...

Its not without saying that we've had ups and downs in our lives...lots of bumps and potholes, setbacks  spats, fights, and skirmishes...but on her birthday i focus on all the gems .....because she told me the other day that she knew she hadn't been a perfect parent...and she's right. No one has...but when I think about my childhood i will always remember the mom that always cleaned up our toys and never ever complained about it...unlike me i never ever heard her complain that our house was a mess or that we were "Driving her crazy"..ever.  She never said one negative thing to me about myself as I grew up...and for that I am forever grateful.
She came up from great dysfunction and made our lives less dysfunctional as best she could.

So thats part of the story behind the scenes of these pictures of my mother....


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