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Behind the Scenes : First Trip to the Beach

This picture captures the spirit of summer to me.

This picture is a few years old, four years actually.

Every other year my parents and my husband and I and sometimes my sister head to the beach.

This particular year was my Meredith's (my oldest) first trip to beach.  Her first time with saltwater in her eyes, little beach hair that curled up everywhere responding to the salt spray.  The sun kissing her skin tan and she playing in a soupy puddle of wet sand.
It was the most enjoyable trip we had made to the beach in sometime.
Taking a small child to the beach for the first time is a delight.  It is like seeing something you are familiar with through new super x ray vision.  Everything is heightened.  She is amazed by the waves and now so are you... all over again.

"Look at the waves!" "Run Meredith Run!"  "Quick!  Look the foam is at your feet!"
"Let's make a sandcastle!"  And her 18 month old fingers squish cool sand over and over again your husband  fills plastic buckets and haphazardly redistribute sand with a captive audience mesmerized ...

"Quick! Look at that gull!"

"Oh Meredith, look out this shell!  Isn't it beautiful?  Look at the color? "
"Put it up to you year hear the waves pound inside?"

She laughs wonder back at you....

Everyone enjoyed that year.
Even our stay in the condo was so much brighter.  Meredith played hid n seek with all of us.  She would wander into the kitchen and crawl into the empty cabinets.  A squeal of delight when the door was opened and we all acted amazed at her bravery and clever hiding skills.

This picture was taken at sunset on the pier at Sunset Beach, NC.
This place is rich with memories for me and my best friend, Jenna.  Its the special place her family has always called their vacation destination for years and years.
She happened to be there the week that we were at a neighboring beach and this picture of little Meredith has Jenna's birthday cake ice cream cone dribbling down Meredith's happy chin.  Her eyes sparking up at Jenna...
What could be a better way to end the week at the beach then to meet up with your best friend at dusk and enjoy the sunset together with your baby girl....
I love this picture....


  1. Oh, I smile...LOVE this! We haven't taken our sweet girl to the beach yet, but I look forward to it and I hope it's soon! :) Thanks for this glimpse into your precious memories...have a great week! :)


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