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Thankful...for Him

Pimmy was just what my first baby could say first....a shortened version of my mom's first name "Pim" which morphed into the endearing, unique term 'Pimmy'
And she's particular about the short "i" in Pimmy...not "Pammy"...
Well it was her birthday this week and i thought I would comprise a short list of things that I have seen in and been blessed by and through from my mother Pam, aka  Pamela by my dad ( I always felt warm inside when my dad would call my mom this...i thought it sounded so special)

She was....

The pillow fluffer, sheet smoother, the daily bed maker
The biscuit kneader, the flour sprinkler, the dough cutter
The pie dough roller, the pudding stirrer, the meringue toaster
The cinnamon roll glazer, the sweet tea brewer, the cheese melter
(I'm glad she is associated with always amazing food!)

She was....

The house decorator, armed with supplies from the fabric store and thrift shops
The flower arranger, the weed pulle…

Fly # Five Minute Friday

Tree - 5 Minute Fridays


Besides the word Sky...(I'm a sky lover, watcher, fantasizer)  the other beauty that takes my breath in nature that captures me and is the subject of most of my scribbling ....captivating me in rough bark and mazes of roots....Sometimes perfectly symmetrical in beauty like Pear trees and sometimes wild and unkempt...are God's treasured sculptures....His trees...

Willow trees hanging down green delicate chains of fountaining hair skimming the grass like my girls' hair does when they swing on swings....I love me some willow trees...I always have...I see one and I have to proclaim it to my passengers in tow....I've done it so many times that my oldest daughter who is almost six used to find one and say, "Theres your tree Mama"....

Maple trees...beautiful in shape and deep in shade...maple trees on which provide the perfect strong limbs for climbing...where we've climbed up and jumped into golden delicious colored leaves heaping up under dangling feet..…

Behind the Scenes : First Trip to the Beach

This picture captures the spirit of summer to me.

This picture is a few years old, four years actually.

Every other year my parents and my husband and I and sometimes my sister head to the beach.

This particular year was my Meredith's (my oldest) first trip to beach.  Her first time with saltwater in her eyes, little beach hair that curled up everywhere responding to the salt spray.  The sun kissing her skin tan and she playing in a soupy puddle of wet sand.
It was the most enjoyable trip we had made to the beach in sometime.
Taking a small child to the beach for the first time is a delight.  It is like seeing something you are familiar with through new super x ray vision.  Everything is heightened.  She is amazed by the waves and now so are you... all over again.

"Look at the waves!" "Run Meredith Run!"  "Quick!  Look the foam is at your feet!"
"Let's make a sandcastle!"  And her 18 month old fingers squish cool sand over and over a…

Bedtime Conversations/ Loaded Conversations

If you know me, you know that my motherhood isn't very routine and times based.  Our lives are just a little out of the norm for that and we can't do "rigid" bedtimes.
And if you  know us, then you are also aware of the indefatigable daughter of ours, Meredith.  The oldest and the one who is my payback for all of the hours I stayed awake and did not sleep much to my parents annoyance...only Meredith is even more sleepless I believe.
She just doesn't need a whole lot of sleep.  Her mood isn't affected, she's sunny and cheerful and full of chatter, ideas, and imagination at any time of the day and deep into the dark night.

Here's an example of her ever probing mind even way past the normal kids bedtime.

Tonight I got them in bed early and I also laid down. Then a very Walton-esque moment occurred in which Meredith prayed a very sweet prayer loudly so that I could hear her and then she said her "Amen".  I smiled to myself and thought how truly…
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