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This is my five minute friday post, its a poem I wrote about the messy beauty of an ordinary house.

Beautiful Mess

Welcome to our house.
Open up the door
There are muddy bootprints scattered on the floor
That's because three puddle jumpers just walked in
Too excited to take off their shoes...
"Mama, mama are socks are soaked through!"

This house, this house...yes its our house
It's a beautiful mess...

Come sit on the couch
Pardon those crumbs, and please overlook the stickers
A cookie and a book were just enjoyed by baby sister

This house, this house...yes its our house...
It's a beautiful mess...

Pull up a chair at our table
Mom is cooking dinner and soon we will be able
To eat fresh bread and gulp sweet lemonade
But first we must clean off the paper, crayons, and paint...
Our art projects are drying and there is no place for plates!

This house, this house...yes its our house....
It's a beautiful mess....

Follow us to the back door and gaze outside
Look past the nose smudges and fingerprinted glass
Little faces have been pressed into silly smiles
Hands tracing pictures and letters in frosty font style

This house, this house....yes its our house...
It's a beautiful mess...

Come into the playroom and stay awhile
There may be legos confetti and a doll clothes explosion...
Boys have been building race cars and space stations
Little girls spent hours arranging just the right dress for each occasion

This house, this house...yes its our house...
Its a beautiful mess....

Come into the bathroom the day is almost done
Sudsy lavender bubbles signal night has come
Sailboats swirl as the last puddles swim down the drain...
Water pooling in splatters around clean shriveled feet
Towels lying damp, creating soggy heaps

This house, this house...yes its our house...
Its a beautiful mess...

Follow to the bedroom, sweet dream time has arrived
Dolls, toys, and books scooped off the floor and put back in their places
Warm soft blankets pulled back and pillows fluffed for sweet faces
Lamplight flickers off and moon beams shine through window panes
Sit on the bed, tell the familiar stories, offer kisses, and speak His Name

This house, this house...yes its our house...
It's a beautiful mess....


  1. this is fabulous! sounds like a fun and exciting mess - just the place i'd LOVE to be! enjoyed your poem.

  2. Love this! With a seventh month old little this is quickly becoming my life. A giant beautiful mess!

  3. I think you described my house...a few years ago. My girls are older, but our house is still full of life and stuff. The mess is no longer toys and finger prints but athletic equipment, hair stuff, etc. I enjoyed this poem.

  4. Just love this glimpse into everyday life! Kudos for writing a poem, I always wished that was a talent of mine!

  5. I love this peek into your beautiful ordinary...thank you for sharing! :)


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