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Laundry - Five Minute Fridays

Laundry is the one task of household work (except for window cleaning please overlook the kaleidoscope of fingerprints and nose prints and dog paws) that I can never ever get a handle on.  That growing mountain at the foot of the washer sorted out into haphazard piles and then washed in lavender smell, only to be rewashed because it has not made it to its 2nd destination the dryer before the sour scent of mildew has set in…I live in an old 3 story house circa 1948 and the bedrooms roost upstairs under the old eaves and the aforementioned washing machine is on the third floor.  Those two stair cases to the basement somehow some days seem like another destination altogether, really unchartered territory in the great unknown of our basement…J Its not that I don’t have the best intentions to get there, I’ve just got too many road blocks and detours.  Three little blondies 5,3, and almost one …with couches to jump on, fights over dolls and toys, crayons and toy cars and doll house explosions that stand all over the floor space…then there’s that blasted Brutus that lives up to his name wagging his mighty tail and plowing into me…there are lessons to teach around the table, maps to draw, phonics songs to sing, diapers to change and lunches to make…and somehow mommy only made it to do one cram –the- washer full load at nightfall… “Where are my clean shirts and jeans?”  Husband quizzically sifts through drawers not finding matches to socks (my dryer truly is responsible for that problem) and his favorite shirts.  “I’m sorry babe, I just didn’t make it down there today”….as if it was some foreign location or a Laundromat across town…
So laundry you are my constant source of mommy humility (among many) and homemaker education…one I’ve never mastered…
I grew up in a house with a mom who only did washing on Mondays and finished it all and as she brought up the baskets of warm towels and sheets we would take turns wrapping ourselves in their heat and smelling deep the clean linen smell… She & I well we have our similarities…but laundry washed, folded, and put away in a day……well we aren’t cut out of the same cloth there….
But now I won’t be having so much laundry to do…I’ve been in the process for the month of lessening our loads.  This fall at my church we are studying the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess and let me tell you ….I never realized how many clothing items we had.  I really hadn’t bought much of the items (I don’t often shop…. once a year I’ll go buy 2 pairs of shoes for the year and maybe once I’ll buy 3 or 4 discount $5 shirts for the year and a pair of jeans) But oh I could have clothed a village of small girls with all of the clothes I had amassed 5.5 years of daughters and 3 girls later…I myself hadn’t bought the stuff (except maybe 20 items…maybe) but I have tubs and totes full of beautiful dresses and hand me downs given to me by the generous hands of others….So this Autumn we are lightening up our closets and our storage area and we are sending some of our beautiful sundresses to Nicaragua and winter wear to a community give away….And there will be less of this daunting laundry to do and others who need the clothes smiling and happy….
One week during the study I spent only wearing 7 items of clothes and it wasn’t actually very hard…honestly it was freeing…I really don’t need very much in that way… no other people group or generation has every had such jammed closets of clothing and so little knowledge of how to clothe themselves…(I cannot sew!)  It’s a sad state of affairs, how cavalier our attitude towards our mass of clothes can become….
So as I think of that little Honduran woman in the village of Singing Frogs still taking her sheets and few items out to the tin pail with a washboard and scrubbing those clothes away in hot water and then letting those few items dry stiff in Equator strong sun… I am thankful for my generous loads and my lazy way to wash clothes..even if its rarely ever done :) 

Oh and for humor sake, one time trying to multitask I tried to take a full basket of laundry down  a flight of stairs and me and a child and a basket ended up that the bottom taken out by the laundry...sometimes laundry is just dangerous!


  1. Laundry can be VERY dangerous, so watch out!! Lovely post, thanks for sharing. Visiting from FMF.



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