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True - Five Minute Fridays


In Philippians we are told to think upon things that are true…and how often I do not do so.  But once in a while, this knuckle head finally gains some ground and actually learns something….
So here’s some truth I have learned lately….

All my boring and mundane duties, the insignificant parts of being a mom all matter and how I go about them matters to.  I am no less important wiping noses and “shouting out” stains than I am marathonning 
or raking in the money….

I may not be great at really anything, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try (even hair braiding and cake decorating…the casualties of being a mom to daughters and being terrible at the simple things)

I may feel like a failure most of my days with my kids, but that doesn’t mean I am…sometimes my epic fail is the biggest lesson my kids will see and the forgiveness they give me and the guts to ask a five year old for it is the best lesson I could learn….

I may not weigh or look like I used to, but that is okay…I am part of the human race and I will show myself some grace…Good grief my girls need to see a woman who is comfortable in her own skin…so may be they will be too!

My greatest struggles are many times just the chrysalis that God is using to give this caterpillar strong wings…That, like that forming butterfly the battle, the wrestle to get out and move on is the tool God will use to really give me the strength to fly

That I have been showered with gifts from God that are sometimes obvious and celebrated but many times go unnoticed and not realized…

That like my 3 year old told me recently, “Earth is imaginary.  Heaven is real.” And then after I stressed to her that earth was real she added, “But Heaven is more real and no one told me that.  I knew it.”  And isn’t that real truth served up from the mouth of a toddler?  She knew what we all know..This world isn’t it…We know it!  There something so much more….Heaven

Here’s another truth I’m learning over and over…perseverance is something that we must have a lot of in order to win the race of life.  Perseverance in relationships…God doesn’t throw away, He redeems. Perseverance in storms.  He wants us to know and really know that we are more than conquerors and sometimes the storms help us to see that.

And one more truth, that in Christ I have everything.  That I may have little more than the shirt on my back and a few quarters I find in my car and I can have Christ and have it all.  That my life isn’t measured by the dollar signs behind my name, the home I own or don’t own, the clothes on my back, or any material thing…my life is measured by the Love I have in Him and then the love I let Him pour out of me.

These are some truths I’ve been learning in the past few years and let me say I’ve finally gotten my hands on some of them.  Some more deeply than others.   I don’t want to be like Pontius Pilate and look Truth straight in the eye and ask Him, “What is truth?”  God, don’t let me be him!  Don’t let me fail to see The Way and The Truth when He is standing behind so many circumstances and faces in my life.

That woman that just called to tell me I’m on her heart and how can she pray?  It’s Him.
That willing mom that let me take her child even though I’m a complete stranger to church…That’s Him.
That woman I barely know that blessed us with a gift that God put on her heart….That’s Him.
That third girl, caramel colored hair and honey skin, that third girl I always wanted when everyone wanted a boy and she who has filled our world with joy…That’s Him…
That September sky, vibrant blue and so refreshing after a summer of rain, That’s Him…It’s His glory proclaimed in the Heaven’s day after Day…
That man that is downstairs washing my dishes, unexpected joy at the end of the day…that man I’m glad I married…It’s God’s goodness in my life
That child who told me, “Can I name my daughter Somer Griffin?” (my name) and I laughed silly delight that anyone especially my daughter who sees me in all my worst sides…would dare think such a thought! …It’s His grace to me…
That sister who I never thought I’d share a roof with that shacked up in my basement for 7 months, that was His precious gift in my life
That little lady I loved so much, who at our last meeting before she closed her eyes on this earth and opened them in another told me barely above a whisper, “Maybe God will use you to bring many people into His kingdom.”  If she only knew how much I want that statement to be true, to not be wasted, that those parting words are precious to me…It was Him speaking truth and hope in My life

That Bible cracked open and like water for a thirsty soul, opens my soul’s filmy eyes and cracks open my cataracts that I might see Him, The Truth…It's Him, always there when I don't see Him and when I do, He's True


  1. love how true always points to THE Truth and The Truth is always true. thankful we can count on that when there's so much we can't.

    blessings on your weekend.

  2. This is beautiful...and I love that we can rest in the fact that He is Truth. Blessings to you! :)


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