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She - 5 Minute Fridays

She – Five Minute Fridays
I want to tell you about what life looks like for a She who basically has done everything right. Has held it together. Pushed through. Has been responsible to her core. Has held herself to high standards and has worked hard. I want to tell you about my best friend. She’s the “she” in this post.

This girl who always brought ziplock freezer bags of infamous Norwegian butter cookies (because she actually was a red headed Norwegian) into the loud din of high school cafeteria and always passed her love out right out of the bag with the crumbs. I want to tell you about those white hands who followed in her mother’s baking heritage and proceeded to make some of the best food (especially desserts) I’ve ever put in my mouth. One of those simple homes where you come in and life seems uncluttered, a frosty glass mug was icing up in the freezer just waiting for two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream soaking in root beer. Which would be sipped on to the tune of summer night cicadas and summer breezes blowing through the screened in porch. Or a sleep over at her house meant that breakfast casserole would be your wake up call. My best friend knew how to love and how to be hospitable and how to communicate love to most anyone, because that is who she was and what she had always been shown by her mother. They shared red hair and freckles, small straight noses, and short stature and enthusiasm. You know you can't successfully argue against a firecracker red headed woman especially when she's loaded with a pound cake!

  She graduated salutatorian and went on to the cornfields of the Midwest to a small unknown Christian university to study nursing. She always knew that is what she wanted to do. To serve those who needed her help physically, to nurse the hurting. I still remember her resolve as early as middle school. Those days so long ago when we gathered in the family room of her home on throw rugs and practiced cheer leading and listened to Celine Dione, and even then she knew she was going to be a nurse. And really who would be surprised? Her mother was a nurse. And she came out of college after four years of clinicals and nursing school and had a whole tribe of friends. You see the She is like a magnet. She attracts people because she loves people. And she always makes it a priority to make you know that You Matter to her.
 Often times we’d talk from my dorm room in Virginia to hers somewhere in Indiana and she would be making food for a gathering or a bag of fresh cookies for a football game. She has an excitement for the simple things in life and for making everyone feel at ease. We sent snail mail across the miles and not a birthday went by that it wasn’t commemorated.

  And then I got married. I was young, probably too young. I was only twenty one. But she stood by me and she loved my husband too. She believed in us and that meant a lot and it still does.

  She graduated and moved into a new life with two new roommates and in a new town and forged a life. All sorts of unexpected and hard and exciting things. Still no man showed up to help her figure it out and yet she pressed on. She always managed to smile and celebrate all of her friends weddings. So much so she had a small boutique worth of bridesmaid dresses. She studied to become a Nurse Practitioner and she is one.

I want to tell you about her because I think after telling you all of these accolades I might tell you about one of the most important accomplishments of her life. She is one of those super woman step moms.
 You know that sweet step mom elbow deep in frosting with her step daughter decorating cupcakes. Or that super woman step mom planning camping extravaganzas for her son and his friends.  She's always coming up with precious memories for her new family to make.  Reasons to celebrate.  She enriches them. 
You see, this girl was given a gift. And let me tell you one that she never perhaps would’ve planned, but one that would bring some of the most vibrant beauty of her life. She was given the gift of a true Southern seer suckered gentlemen and the opportunity to pour out her love all over his two children. And she has. She is that woman who found love perhaps in unexpected places, and went against the grain. She decided that the big hearted man and his two kids was where her heart belonged and where she could serve and receive love best. She loves those children like they are her own and supports her husband and is full of grace for them all. You see the incredible thing about this story is this: Many people would’ve told this girl (on the outside looking in) “You should not get involved in this.” “You are so young.” “Do you really want to come into a relationship that already has kids involved?” “Will you love these kids like they are your own?”

And guess what? 2 years of hard work, juggling crazy schedules, foot ball mom carpooling, smoothies for him and gingerbread houses for her, and black eyed peas and ham hock collard greens for the Mr. and lots of love wrapped in Grace and Prayer, She will answer you “Yes, I want this.I want this life and I love it. And I love my family. All of them.”
Yes this "She" is a super woman step mom, and her name is Jenna. 

Jenna & Her Mama , both pretty incredible 'She's'


  1. I just adore where you went with this. She sounds amazing. What an honour to have her as your friend and be her friend too.

  2. so very lovely, Summer. Such a wonderful tribute!

  3. Love this story about your friend...I hope you'll share it with her! It's a beautiful tribute. :) Blessings!

  4. What a great tribute to your friend, she sounds like such an amazing person to have in your life! I hope she reads this :)
    Also... I would like to know where you learned how to type, I wish I could get so many words out in five minutes! Happy FMF!

    1. thank you and I sent it to her this morning! I actually had already started this for her last week, but hadn't finished it so when I saw the word prompt I had to finish it because she was the "she" on my mind

  5. What an amazing friend Jenna has in you. This was a beautiful accolade to someone who has obviously and deeply touched your heart.


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