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Mercy - Little Girl We Needed You

This week five minute Friday is about the word Mercy. I thought of this poem I wrote about a dear friend's new baby girl. This couple had been trying for years to have this sweet baby and had been told they most likely wouldn't have another baby. But just two weeks ago a beautiful bundle of blonde hair and big blue eyes entered the world and this is what I thought of when I thought of the word Mercy. So here's my poem about God's mercies to a sweet family wrapped in a pink blanket and laid in loving arms....

Little Girl, We needed You

Years ago I knew…Little Girl we needed You
God wrote Your name on my heart …long before Our Journey together could start
Your brothers were the first to come and they captured the hearts of their daddy and mom
But still I knew that our family somehow wasn’t complete without your sweet face, your baby feet Yes, Little girl I knew that our family needed you.

Our house was filled with loud boy toys, cars and trucks that make lots of noise…
While all of these toys are quite fun…God knew that we were missing out on…
Colored beads, butterfly wings, feathers, hats, dolls, & pink plastic rings…

Our drawers held blues, reds, oranges, and greens in stripes and plaids…bowties & Sunday suits… While all of this attire is very cute…God knew that we needed a few…
Cotton candy pinks, purples and pastels, puffy tutus and rosebud dresses…polk a dot ribbons for little girl tresses…

Our book shelves were stacks of battles and treasure hunt stories, Pirates, dinosaur tales…giants, knights, and heroes of great might…
While all these tales surely do excite…God knew we needed some insight…
In captive princesses in high towers, ponies to ride…stories specializing in sisters, queens, babies, and brides…

When they lay you on my chest and you breathe sweet baby breath
I’ll drink you in and smile a tired smile, holding you, my dream come true I always knew Little girl, this mama needed You

When you get your first ride in daddy’s strong arms
You’ll see a man of deep faith & love
He’s had sons to wrestle and teach, now he has a daughter to dance with, to step on his feet
Yes, I always knew this gentle man needed a Little Girl like you.

When you come to our sweet home your big brothers will gather around;
They’ve got so much to teach you and so many hugs to give and love to share, for you their sister they will always care
Yes, I knew Little Girl, your brothers needed you.

The story of your life is just beginning You have a light to shine and God’s love to flame strong in your heart
You have a purpose to spread the beauty of God’s great name, joy to impart
As you light up the world with your sweet life, I will nod my head and smile because I always knew …Little Girl, this world needed you.


  1. I enjoyed reading your poem. It is a blessing for your friends to help celebrate their new baby girl.
    Thank you for visiting my FMF post!

  2. Hi Summer! I am coming over from FMF.

    What a beautiful tribute to the gift your daughter is to you. And what mercy the Father showed to you and your family in her birth! You really painted that in your post. Beautiful! And she sure is cute :) It's nice to be able to see you both in your photo.

    Nice to meet you today!

  3. This is made my heart smile tonight. :) Thank you for sharing your words!


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