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She - 5 Minute Fridays

She – Five Minute Fridays
I want to tell you about what life looks like for a She who basically has done everything right. Has held it together. Pushed through. Has been responsible to her core. Has held herself to high standards and has worked hard. I want to tell you about my best friend. She’s the “she” in this post.

This girl who always brought ziplock freezer bags of infamous Norwegian butter cookies (because she actually was a red headed Norwegian) into the loud din of high school cafeteria and always passed her love out right out of the bag with the crumbs. I want to tell you about those white hands who followed in her mother’s baking heritage and proceeded to make some of the best food (especially desserts) I’ve ever put in my mouth. One of those simple homes where you come in and life seems uncluttered, a frosty glass mug was icing up in the freezer just waiting for two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream soaking in root beer. Which would be sipped on to the tune of sum…

Mercy - Little Girl We Needed You

This week five minute Friday is about the word Mercy. I thought of this poem I wrote about a dear friend's new baby girl. This couple had been trying for years to have this sweet baby and had been told they most likely wouldn't have another baby. But just two weeks ago a beautiful bundle of blonde hair and big blue eyes entered the world and this is what I thought of when I thought of the word Mercy. So here's my poem about God's mercies to a sweet family wrapped in a pink blanket and laid in loving arms....

Little Girl, We needed You

Years ago I knew…Little Girl we needed You
God wrote Your name on my heart …long before Our Journey together could start
Your brothers were the first to come and they captured the hearts of their daddy and mom
But still I knew that our family somehow wasn’t complete without your sweet face, your baby feet Yes, Little girl I knew that our family needed you.

Our house was filled with loud boy toys, cars and trucks that make lot…

Red - 5 Minute Fridays

Today’s word prompt is the word Red. Three things flashed through mind’s eye, the general hound dog blessed with this perfunctory name, Ole Red. The color of my sister’s life...Red with accents of black and white. And also my marriage. My husband and I agree about a lot which for man and woman to do is really no small task. We hold the same values, principles, desires for our family’s life, beliefs, education, and even desire to adopt and increase our family. He is passionate about me being at home with my kids and he loves my own family as well. But our likes and dislikes about so much of the common place in life are rampant throughout our life. The word Red is our neutral. I know that is about the most vibrant of all colors outside of neon green and blaze orange. But in our first year of marriage that became our neutral. We got into our first heated debate in a car about the color of paint that we would paint our house, whether we would have a motorcycle, and whether I…