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Five Minute Fridays - "Last"

    Last is such a final word, it’s a word that always makes us sit back and take note. We take note of the fact that something is about to draw to an end and we better enjoy the last drops, savor the last bites before its all gone. Like that last hot week of summer that we spend soaking up every last beam of Vitamin D. Or that last couple bites of a once a year Christmas dinner, slowly swallowed down. Or maybe the last night of a vacation where we try to take note of everything and know that we are returning to real world, real bills, real deadlines all seemingly too soon. Two weeks ago I experienced a last. For seven months I was given a gift. It was truly an unexpected gift. One I had never anticipated being given. For the past six years my sister Faith and I have lived in different cities for most of the time. We always mused over the idea that we should've lived together for at least one year of college. But from icy January 4th to steamy August 10th I had the gift of having my sister under my roof. I never would’ve expected that Faith would want to crash in my underground basement with fluorescent lighting and spider companions and then wake up every morning to the pounding of a five year old and three year old niece’s feet greeting the morning. But she came and we spent seven months job searching, laughing, squinting late nights away, venting, consoling each other and tickling the girls. We spent seven unexpected months sharing one bathroom among three adults and three kids. And August the 10th was the Last time she walked through that door out into a new world, a new job, and a new city. I am so happy for her and her new adventure and God’s provision. She’s using her love of Spanish and teaching school. I am proud. But one of those Last nights I lay in bed and couldn’t sleep. I was thankful for the gift of knowing that my precious sister was gabbing on the phone in the basement below and I would see her clanking her coffee cup filled with diesel fuel coffee in the morning. That Last night I wanted to be sad, but I couldn’t help but be thankful for the gift. Knowing that something will end, that there will be a last gives a depth of meaning to the now. And when it does end and the last comes, a new first begins.  Now that last week together has turned into new... new late night phone conversations in between my tired toddler mama yawns and her exhausted new teacher stories.  She's excited and I'm excited for her, excited to see her blossom and grow and thrive in this new season of life that came out of the last.


  1. I am jealous! How I'd love for that time with my sister. What a treasured memory that will ALWAYS LAST! :)

    Nice meeting you!

  2. What a great way to write about this word. I love this story. You are truly blessed to have had those 7 months. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I'm a sister who lives too far from her sister soulmate, and I would love to have those months, as crazy and crowded as it would be! Blessed, are you!

    Leslie from Sweet Midlife with Lynne and Leslie

  4. It truly is amazing when you realize how precious those last moments are before they quickly fade away. The phrase, 'live likes it's your last' makes a whole lot of sense when you start to think about it this way!

  5. So thankful I read this post today. Turns your perspective around when you think of things just a little differently.


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