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5 Minute Fridays- Worship

When I hear the word worship I have a kaleidoscope full of thoughts. My husband leads praise & worship so I think of praise team practice and song selection. I think of the Matt Redman’s lines, “I’ll bring you more than a song…I’m coming back to the Heart of Worship.” I think of Ann Voskamp admonishing that worship can involve scrubbing potatoes and piles of laundry. Within my minds eye are the words of Holy Holy Holy, and all the saints Adore Thee, bowing down and laying their crowns at Jesus’ Feet. And then I also picture that Nicaraguan church service I went to in college where the common accessory to every outfit every day is unending rivulets of sweat coursing down every inch of every one. I remember hearing songs with familiar tunes, but made up of a different language and filling the small cinder block church with the loud swell of a group of dirt poor believers excited to be there. I think of my days back at Liberty University when the feel of a Praise & Worship concert emanated at every church service. I remember listening to Meredith Andrews’ heavenly voice belting out scores of anthems to God and wanting so to be a part of the song. And all of that said, the number one thing that came to my mind is my three year old, Madelyn. My Madelyn is my middle child and I guess that is the reason of her marching to a different beat. She is my affectionate tousled blonde head that creeps down the stairs first in the morning and smothers my hands with kisses and curls into my lap. She is my child that is full of sunshine and rain. I know that the beams of her love might be strong and surging, but given a simple mis word that sunshine will soon blacken to a storm. I see the blue eyes cloud over, the brow furrow, and the storm brew. Madelyn and I have fought some battles, some about the color of cups and spoons she wants or doesn’t want, where she will sit, don’t dare help her do something that she was in mind to do herself but can't quite do yet (her hurricane howl will resound until she has let you know how hurt she is by being helped)  and yes we even have known the opinion of her name. Her name is Madelyn because my husband and I finally concurred on a name together, but two years in and Madelyn became “Madeline”.  Around age three she told me, “You named me Madelyn, but I named myself Madeline.” What does my Madelyn, the sometimes Madelion have to do with worship? Well she’s my child that always has a song in her heart. She has music in her soul and she loves to belt it out in the car, in the house, and at church. She can hear the faint strings of a song and start swaying her hips and reciting the words. My minivan must sound like “deaf cab” for cuties…literally as she keeps yelling over the throbbing beat of music, “Turn it louder!” I am thinking if I turn it louder everyone around me will think I’m purposely trying to rob my three children of all hearing. We finally agree and I mean I have to make her agree on a balanced decibel…and then I hear her and her sister singing the songs. One of her favorites right now is a song about Daniel which she yells, “Not going to bow to your idols! No We won’t bow Oh NO!” and from the look on her face you won’t doubt it . At church recently she got to go onstage twice and participate in the summer musicals. She laid it all out. She is a very petite, three year old with a head full of blonde hair, and a Winnie the pooh bear tummy that often peeks out of shirts, but she is a worshiper. She sings to God the songs she has practiced and learned and she gives all of her little body into doing all the motions and in a lull she just bounces her hips back and forth. My Madelyn is a worshiper when it comes to songs and she is a worshiper with her words too. I can always count on her to proclaim some truth about God and the deeper things of life at unexpected moments. She’s a plain talker and speaks everything emphatically. On the way over to grandma’s this week she stated from her car seat, “Mom people who don’t believe in God, just believe in themselves.” She routinely calls Satan the Father of Lies and even though I laughed the first time I heard her decry His reality over waffles and sausage patties one morning, she’s right and I’m glad she knows. She prays for people like her neighbors and her family to know God and she insists that even at three she already believes that Jesus has died for her and she is God’s child. Madelyn has that trust of a child that fully believes that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will. I want my Madelyn’s heart. She teaches me all of the time. I imagine God singing over her as He says that He does, as she sings and pounds the floor with her heels, “Our God’s not dead! He’s surely alive! He’s living on the inside roaring like a Lion!”  She has a heart that trusts God and a heart that trusts God is at rest and then is free to really worship Him. 


  1. What a bundle of blessing she must be! Thanks for sharing your uninhibited worshipper with us!

  2. "...Roaring like a Madelion" - love the images - she has a lot to show you and everyone around you - about God, about praise, about worship... Not that you don't already know, but she was obviously made to spread His Word! What a wonderful post about a great family. Nice job, Mom....
    Have a great weekend with all your dynamos.


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