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5 Minute Fridays - Word Prompt - Story

I love the word, “story”. I love the plural form stories even more. If you grow up with a parent or grandparent  that is a great story teller you inevitably love stories. You know that great storyteller, whose voices rises and falls at just the right inflection, whose body language is one with the story and whose eyes are just as excited as you are to see the story come to its proper conclusion. I remember sitting in front of my mom as she animatedly read stories to me about history, it was a whole musty smelling series of Child Biographies that she acquired from our local library. Albeit to most they would’ve been sawdust dry, but when those stories were set to her story telling melody they were a symphony of history, events, and times. I mean who isn't interested in Molly Pitcher and  Harriet Beecher Stowe...when you're six?  My first story teller, my mother gave me my love for history and seemingly dull biographies. And it all goes back to the story word. I think I love biographies because we surely do love being a part of a story, our own and someone else’s story to escape to or to aspire to. I remember as a little child going to school or going to library story time and loving the time where our teacher would pace around the room with a book in her hands and read to us as our minds created a myriad of different mental pictures with the details the story had given us. When I first had my Meredith I was so excited to read to her. Truly I was, because within two hours of her being home from the hospital I got out her first story and perched that bundled 8 pounder on my lap and we opened our first story together. Of course the reality was that story was lost completely in her baby dreams. But it started something. When she was old enough to sit on my lap I read to her. After dinner was done and pajamas were put on, my girl and I would head off to my bed with a stack of books and we would go through them one by one. And she loved it. I’ve heard it said that reading to a child twenty minutes a day will instill in them a love for reading and learning. And really we all have twenty minutes to carve out for this love. I always tried to find books that I loved that connected with us both. When you invest in finding books that are stories to be a part of then reading them with your kids is a true joy. When Meredith was a one year old I would let her play in her room while I did household chores and I would come into her pink room and find her sitting on a sliding stack of books haphazardly and with another tilting stack to her left. She would pull them off and thumb through them unable to really grasp their meaning yet mesmerized and completely silent. Stories are great for hushing a few noisy kids if only for a few minutes and providing a place for contact, excitement and a bit of calm. Our stories have evolved since those days four and five years ago. They aren’t baby board books anymore but Nancy Drew over waffles in the morning or almost worn out tattered Little House books and those are even more fun. Sometimes I’m reading while feeding a baby and the girls are quietly playing, but still they are grasping pieces of it. Things don’t have to be perfectly quiet to read. Sometimes I’ve gotten tired of reading stories and it seems like no one cares on that day or I’m tired of reading Purpliscious again, but we always boomerang back to storytime…that time that makes imaginations grow under quilts or bonds us together literally with three little bodies pressing on mine the oldest two fighting over who will turn pages. Or story time can occur driving down the road rehashing old stories that have happened in the past. Kids love a story about themselves or people they know. And I love that one place that is so hard to extract my kids from is a bookstore..i think we could spend a whole afternoon on the floor with items spread all around.

We love stories because our lives are stories that God is writing with a fresh pen and plot each time but with the theme of His love, beauty, and goodness unifying them all together. Share your story with your kids and they will always treasure it. Share stories of others with your kids and they will realize that the world is bigger than them and every person’s story is important. Tell them the most important Story: God’s Story and give them entrance to the greatest most beautiful Story that they can be a part of. In that Great Story they see that they were designed with love to know and to give and with a purpose to fulfill and a Great King to be their Father and a loving strong Savior who is the hero and a wonderful end which will really be just the beginning, Their Real Home in Heaven.


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