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My Daughter and I

Today I'm bringing back a poem I wrote for my girls a long time ago.
I was reminded of it again the other day when my middle girl sat wedged in her car seat remembering the day we followed a rainbow through the streets indulging their desire to find the beginning of the rainbow.  She remembered.  And I remembered this.
We are starting our year of homeschooling together this week and so there are even more adventures to be had by three girls and probably even more, me.
I am always learning with them, through them, because of them.  Along side of them.
Probably more than them.
Whatever we end up doing, I want most of all my girls to grasp the Love of God, rich and full in their lives.

My Daughter & I

We are Rainbow followers, my daughter and I…trying to find the colors’ source.
We are butterfly runners, my daughter and I…our steps never quite match the colorful course.
We are window frost tracers, my daughter and I…breathe on panes, cold and hoarse.
We are puddle splashers, my daughter and I…..soaking through socks within.
We are star gazers, my daughter and I…wondering if the Big Dipper is made of tin.
We are bug crawlers, my daughter and I..on hands and knees to watch spiders spin.
We are rain dancers my daughter and I..warm summer rain runs down our chins.
We are petal pullers, my daughter and I…tugging white petals and musing on love.
We are mud sculptors, my daughter and I…squealing over the squish of our slimy clay gloves.
We are willow tree hiders, my daughter and I…silently hidden under green fountains above.
We are wave prancers, my daughter and I…landing in sea foam’s frothy crust.
We are dandelion whisperers, my daughter and I…fuzzy confetti falling like dust.
We are wind racers, my daughter and I…running with the current of a crisp April gusts
We are firefly pursuers, my daughter and I..bright glow lighting up our palms.
We are snowflake catchers, my daughter and I..our silly chase interrupting winters’ calm.
We are leaf jumpers, my daughter and I…landing in autumn piles, cushions our fall.
We are cardinal watchers, my daughter and I.. craned necks, listening for birds call.
We are horse admirers, my daughter and I…hushed awe from outside hay filled stall.
We are seashell collectors, my daughter and I...treasured shells in sandy hands.
We are squirrel feeders, my daughter and I…tossing bread where bushy tail stands.
We are moon chasers, my daughter and I...can we guess where the cow might land?
We are sunset lovers, my daughter and I ..tracing ruby streaks across orange sky.
We are watermelon tasters, my daughter and I… summers’ scarlet juice brings smiles to our eyes.
We are cloud lookers, my daughter and I… wondering at cotton pillows drifting on high.

We are mystery hunters, my daughter and I…the Mystery Maker leaves us happily dazed.

We are love chasers, my daughter and I…hearts beating fast, no longer afraid.

We are God delighters, my daughter and I … wildly rejoicing in all His hands have made.  


  1. Somer,
    How beautiful! I just love the thought you put into every activity that you share with your daughter -- what a treasure -- for her and for you, to remember those precious times together. Love the imagery -- firefly pursuers and wave prancers -- it was hard for me to choose a favorite! :)

  2. Homeschooling always taught me far more than my kids. So many lessons--fun ones and hard ones. May the Lord bless your family as you journey on this year.

    "We are love chasers, my daughter and I...hearts beating fast, no longer afraid."
    That's my favorite!

  3. I can't help but smile while reading this! :)


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