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broken - 5 minute fridays

Today’s word prompt is broken and that I am.Growing up in a very devoutly Christian home, I heard the term but didn’t understand it.I was mistaken as a little girl that I had to be perfect to be loved by God.I knew in my head that it didn’t work that way, but for so long my heart believed that.I remember going through days that I was supposed to be enjoying and feeling lots of doubt and guilt hanging over my little head.I tried and tried to read my Bible, perfect myself, pray the right prayers, be sorry enough for the sins I knew were underneath my surface.You know all of that really didn’t work though.I never understood that real Christians are broken, they aren’t perfect people.And I never understood that maybe the reason I never felt free and never uncovered the love of God for me is because I never accepted that all I had to do was come to Him broken and incomplete as I was and He would do the rest.He is my Perfect and I am hidden in His perfection.Our world is obsessed wit…

5 Minute Fridays - Belong

5 Minute Fridays - Belong

The first few years that I was married, I never felt that I belonged at my home.It was a quaint apartment I shared with my husband, but it never truly felt like home. I honestly believe it is because we didn’t have our children there for long and I worked so there wasn’t much time that was spent there. I would go to my parents home and whenever we visited  that unspoken word of belonging was there.That easy chair that I spent countless hours in falling asleep while my dad watched Sunday afternoon golf, worn almost out but still gliding.Those mismatched pictures that hung on the wall commemorating beauty found in the world.The literal kaleidoscope of color that never quite went together but was thickly applied to the walls was there.My husband could never understand my parents sky blue ceiling and several different shades of aqua, turquoise, and that one Coos Bay teal that showed up in different areas.All of the knick knacks and memorabilia that a family collec…

My Daughter and I

Today I'm bringing back a poem I wrote for my girls a long time ago.
I was reminded of it again the other day when my middle girl sat wedged in her car seat remembering the day we followed a rainbow through the streets indulging their desire to find the beginning of the rainbow.  She remembered.  And I remembered this.
We are starting our year of homeschooling together this week and so there are even more adventures to be had by three girls and probably even more, me.
I am always learning with them, through them, because of them.  Along side of them.
Probably more than them.
Whatever we end up doing, I want most of all my girls to grasp the Love of God, rich and full in their lives.

My Daughter & I

We are Rainbow followers, my daughter and I…trying to find the colors’ source.
We are butterfly runners, my daughter and I…our steps never quite match the colorful course.
We are window frost tracers, my daughter and I…breathe on panes, cold and hoarse.

5 Minute Fridays - Beautiful!

Beautiful, 5 minute Fridays

Whenever I tell people “Happy Birthday” I always say , “I hope your birthday is beautiful!”It just sounds so much better.We are all beauty hunters, God intrinsically made us to be.Our frenetic world could be spinning around in a million different directions, but let us just catch one glimpse of a orange dreamsicle sunset and we forget for even a moment everything else going on.Beauty can be found everywhere, even in the ugly.I’ve found beauty in the most unlikely places, A beautiful wildflower in a patch of soggy weeds.Maybe its smelling the scent of baby shampoo laced hair as you hold your sick child in a truck stop bathroom.Maybe it’s the in the midst of a normal Monday meltdown having that toddler tug on your knee and whisper when you are on the verge of tears, “I love you Mommy.”Or maybe it’s a pair of brilliant blue eyes shining out of wrinkled lids.God is Beautiful.And that’s why we are always hunting for it.His beauty is splashed all over this world a…

Somer becoming Summer

If you really know me you know that I am not the eternal optimist.  I try to be for other people, but in reality for myself I'm not.  Its always this outlook I've had that if I expect the worst or prepare for it, somehow I will be better off.  Where the notion came from, I don't know.  I just know its been an old dark friend hiding in the shadows of my mind since childhood. It is a companion with fear and doubt.  These three amigos I've fought against regularly.  I've decided though that I don't have to think like this.  I can embrace the good in my life and hope for the best or better in Christ.  I can laugh fully and I can dream.  I can realize the beauty and gifts all around me in the here and now and I can rejoice in the fact that they have come to me straight from the hands of God wrapped in His mercy and Love.  My name is Somer.  Despite my father's "unique" spelling of my name it means Summer.  Ever thought about the meaning of your name? …