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Whenever I hear this word I have a few main thoughts. I think of Psalm 51 and David's plea with God to restore the joy of His salvation to Him. "Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me.Then I will teach transgressors your ways, so that sinners will turn back to you." I see a few things about restoration here. A lot of times joy is missing in our lives when we stray away from God.We looked for it elsewhere.We need the joy of the Lord to keep our eyes fixed on Him.Our eyes stay on Him when we are looking for joy in Him.Another thing I see is the asking of a willing spirit to sustain Him. I guess that's because a life on the path of restoration is hard and filled with ups and downs.God restores us in an instant but the path afterwards is many times quite a trek of discipline mixed with grace.God has to sustain us to make it through.Lastly in this verse David lists the outcome of His restoration.He will tell other people about …
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Last week I sat on the floor of the art room with the last task of clean up.  Go through all of the manila oversized folders that lay on the floor and find a place for them.  Go through my stacks of art history papers, how to draw sheets, and examples and organize them accordingly.  Place a semesters worth of work into some kind of organized system. 
In the first semester I had labeled most of my folders.  Some read Klee, Kandinsky, and Kahlo.  My organizational enthusiasm waned as the stacks of paper accumulated. Instead of a label most of them just found themselves in blank folders.  None were lost. Just waiting for a folder home. 
I considered scratching a name on some of the folders, but decided against it.  I kept finding different ways to classify things.  Different places categories should go.  Some of the labels I created in the fall didn't fit the material any more and I just wanted to sharpie through the label and start over.  
As I went through the stack of folders tha…

Late Lemonade

Summer has returned.
I see it's evidence all over my house, lawn and in my tired legs as I climb the stairs for one final time every night.
Soap bottles empty in about three days as opposed to a week. (At least people are washing their hands)
The kitchen is way messier.  Dishes have to be washed three or four times a day.
Half filled cups are found in unlikely places.
Grass, mud, sandals, and dirty socks create a mosaic on the floor.
And lots of door openings and slammings.
In and out. In and out.

I love summer.  I know it's more adultish to love the blooms and mild weather of spring or the crisp and vivid surroundings of autumn, but deep inside I still love the long days, firefly sparks, sprinklers, popsicles, and hot weather of summer.

On the last day of art class I  passed out thick oversized pieces of poster paper and asked the kids to make their summer bucket/ wish list.  This was to be worked on if they had finished up their final painting projects. After my short expla…

Old Tubs

About a month ago we were moving all of my sister's belongings again.  I felt frustrated for her.  So many moves in a decade.  Almost as many moves as the years.
At the end of the day when the move was over my husband and I decided to borrow the Uhaul and move some of our old jam packed tubs out of storage.  About twenty tubs sat collecting dust in the bottom of my parents' garage.
I was determined.
None of them would make it back into our casa until we had inspected the contents.
Truly if we hadn't used anything in them for over three years they weren't life essential.

We were already so tired from a day's worth of lugging furniture down three flights of stairs and then up more stairs.  But as dusk closed in Keith and I sat ourselves on our front lawn and methodically went through all the tubs before allowing them to cross the threshold and fill up our basement.
I sat out lawn chairs and made some coffee.
I know we looked humorous as twenty tubs sat scattered a…

Other, Five Minute Fridays

This morning when I read the word prompt other, there was only one thing to think of...


Lately Mac has used this word liberally.

You sit down on the couch and here he comes.  Fast.  Tearing across the room.  He springs forward and thrusts all of his weight into the open couch space beside of you.  He pulls himself up beside you and slides his two year old toes into your face.  He wags them waiting.  Waiting for a kiss.  You comply and kiss one foot.  "Other foot." He commands.
You proceed.
There is the command again, "Other foot!" He says with authority.
Back and forth it goes.  He smiles wide between every exchange.
His eyes glitter gray green gold.
He tires of this and sits upright.  Scoots close beside you. Turns his head and offers you his hand.  "Kiss hand." He demands. His bite size nose crinkles in a spunky smile.
You shower his hand with kisses and he raises his other hand to you.  "Other hand! Kiss other hand."
This game goes on …

Rain Joy

I caught my girls huddled in the big chair in the living room, head bent over something. They were all smiling, saying things like, "Remember that?"  Madelyn held my phone and she was taking her finger and swiping through the albums. The memorable moments captured from the last three years of their lives.  I catch them doing this from time to time and I'm always a bit surprised at how much fun they seem to have reliving those moments together.   After I got my phone back I skimmed through some of the old pictures and found a handful that I want to remember from last summer.

This was an ordinary weekday. Turned memorable by some cardboard boxes, some around the house items, umbrellas, ponchos, and finally a birds nest filled with baby birds tiny beating hearts.

The girls built a trap for me using lots of things they found at my mom's house.  I willingly succumbed to being taken down by a candy cane Christmas lawn decoration slipped around my ankle.
Oldest girl took…

Rose Soap

I have nothing deep here to say.  I just love rose scented soap.  Especially British Rose scented soap.  If I want to get a bar of deliciously feminine soap I always go to Marshalls and scavenge the beauty aisles for the perfect bar of rose soap.  Lavender is lovely and crisply clean, the watermelon soap smells just like that thick green and pink watermelon bubble gum, but the rose soap smells like planting your nose directly into a head of an opening June rose.  All the time.
Every time you wash your hands.  Every time you step into the bathroom.  There it is.
That lovely delicate Heavenly sweet smell.
It is a total mood booster.  Just pass the bathroom and there you go.  Something beautiful.
I pause. Close my eyes.  Envision pink petals.
The lemon soap is second best.  So bright and citrusy.

Scents have a way of capturing you momentarily.  Maybe just for a pleasant pause or perhaps to take you back to the past.
Scents are intertwined with memory.  Closely.

Any time I smell Snuggle f…