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Today when I opened up one of the books I regularly go to for an inspirational pause the title of the chapter was : Lets Start Over.  I guess that is fitting for today's word start.

I cannot say enough about how much I have enjoyed reading  Only Love Today by Rachel Macy Stafford.  The book is about slowed down mindful living. About being attentive to the life you have and the people you share it with. About not being distracted, about loving well. About caring for others and your own self well.  And it is also lovely writing.
So much so that though the book is pretty lengthy I'm on my second time reading it and I've listened to it as an audiobook too. I keep listening to it. It's very calming.  I just press  play and let the thoughtful chapters fill the small quiet spaces I catch here and there.

I think the reading I opened to today is perfect for this word so here are a few lines...

"Let's start over.
Let's choose to hold our tongues, swallow harsh words…
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This word audience instantly made me think of a chapter I read last month in Emily Freeman's book Simply Tuesday.  The chapter is entitled Stairwells and Stages : Learning to Receive the Gift of Obscurity.   This book has been refreshing and made me look at the idea of smallness differently. Kinds of turns ideas you've held long on their head and makes you think of things from a different perspective. 
In this chapter she discusses fame. What fame, attention, and spotlight will often times do to a person's soul.   She quotes three different author's perspectives on fame and attention. The first is a quote by Beth Moore: "I've learned along the way that to the height a person idolizes you, he/she can despise you. A switch flips and adoration turns to hatred.  Never feed someone's out-of-kilter adoration.  Mutual respect, affirmation, and gratitude are beautiful. Godly.  Adoration can turn deadly.  I have never once had a person turn out to be dangerous or …

Afraid (Write 31)

Today we were out shopping for shoes.We got an unexpected day off from school and it was exactly the therapy we needed. It’s full swing fall and there are lots of Autumn and Halloween d├ęcor spilling off shelves. On our way to the ladies’ shoe section we passed a witch puppet draped over the corner of a shelf.My girls ran to the puppet and touched its’ frightening face.The battery- operated puppet sprang to life eerily howling. My girls realized the puppet was just a puppet.But my three- year old boy did not grasp this.He closed his eyes tight. Squeezing them shut.He ran to his oldest sister and she picked him up and carried him away from the witch and out of the Halloween section.“It scares me.” He said seriously. Repeating that several times while we weaved in and out of the shoes.Occasionally third girl would whisper to him, “Mackey, do you hear that?” Someone else in the store had activated the witch puppet again and her spooky sounds were floating throughout the store. Third girl …

Story (October, Write 31)

Every October people participate in a writing challenge to stretch themselves to write something for 31 days.  I never ever accomplish this, but I participate a bit.
It's fun to be given a word and see where it takes you for a few minutes...
The list of topics/ words is here :

So word for day one is Story.

Story.We all have one.The seconds that sift into minutes that pool into days and merge into years. All these moments forming seasons, decades, our lives.

I know I have read in much more eloquently crafted words that the most important part of our story is how we see it.I think that’s a common thought, but one we often forget. I know I do.
The most important part to most of my story is how I look at it.
Often, how I look determines what I do with the moments of the chapter I’m currently in. My perspective in many ways holds one of the greatest powers of my story.How I view my story can change the st…


Reading the word for the week took me to the Bible.
Genesis describes the creation of every living thing, land formations, the vault of the sky, the universe, all vegetation and oh yes....human life too.
Genesis doesn't go into great detail about the creation.  Just what was created on what day.
That always surprises me.

This year in art class we have artists of the month.  We are focusing on only artists from 1750-1900 this year.  I love this cycle because most of my favorite artists lived during this time.
The month of September was dedicated to Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus.  This man was a genius and man of many talents.  He was a physician, theologian, botanist, professor, and also a botanical illustrator.  He is the Father of Taxonomy.  Taxonomy is the classification of all living things.
Reading different articles about Linnaeus transported me to middle school science class memorizing  Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

Carl Linnaeus sought to come …


These words I read back in early summer sprang to mind when I read the word for the week....
"My praise is in direct relation to the thankfulness in my heart.  And my thankfulness in all things needs to be in equal measure...just because things were extraordinary and provided a rush doesn't make them more praiseworthy than the everyday moments of my life...I think sometimes we get stuck on the rush.  We're stuck needing something to hit us over the head and scream, 'Something good just happened!' for us to really stop and take notice.  But the reality is that when I stop in my moments and give praise to God, my heart feels the same when I am thanking Him for my room as it does when I'm thanking Him for the sparrow that landed on my feeder." Sara Frankl was discussing the joy she felt after receiving a home make over done by family and friends to make her home more comfortable and functional for her.  A rush.  A gift that was instantly noticed because of …


The last full week of July we spent in Hilton Head.  This is the second year we have been given the blessing of going.   Last year we just watched people biking around everywhere. People bike to the beach, throughout their condo communities, and on main streets of town.  All sorts of people.
So with the spirit of when in Rome, When in Hilton Head, you bike...
This year we loaded our vehicle down with five bikes and ended up renting some when we arrived.  A fun bike with a baby seat on the back so our little two year old could come along for the ride.  I hadn't ridden a bike much in years and it took awhile to get the hang of it.
One scalding hot morning we set out for a bike ride with my parents and all of the kids.  I was really impressed with my mom's bike riding.  I know she rides bikes with the kids from time to time, but she managed her bike well. Way better than me.  Going slow was my nemesis.  All was well until I had to slow down reaching a group of oncoming people...…