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I smirked when I read this week's prompt, Tired...
Like a hoodie you slip on when you change out of work clothes or right after you wake up, getting ready for the day.  Tired is familiar. Tired hangs out daily.
Who isn't tired? Besides anyone under 22?
This week I feel especially tired.  Our house finally got some kind of respiratory virus. Lots of runny noses, clogged ears, and coughing. All of this making tired work over time.
I turned another year older last week and I thought at length about the past decade.  So much has happened.  Jobs, transitions, four babies,  intense joys, milestones, lots of laughter, lots of 'firsts',  best days of your life, worst days of your life, darkness, financial turmoil, confusion, heartbreaks, deep regrets, much loss.
That left me with a feeling of exhaustion. Wow. I wouldn't want to relive that! Except of course the many moments that popped in my mind's eye of my sweet babies and how I would love to go back and hold all of …
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Things to Love about Now

I am typing out a quick collection of things I don't want to forget about the past couple of weeks..
You know those moments that happen sweet, funny, touching that if you don't jot down will soon be lost in memory oblivion.

One of those things is little boy's new game.  Run-and-hug.
He stands behind the corner.
He chances a quick peek with his sparkling eyes and pulls back quickly.
He laughs and then runs straight forward across the living room rug and jumps into your arms.
He does this over and over again.
Older sister sees how happy this makes me and now she is running too. Five year old and two year old and the run-and-hug game.  Over and Over.
It doesn't get old.
They are so thrilled to pop out of the room surprise and jump into my arms. Better yet I get a huge hug and lots of kisses.
Mac comes into the kitchen now when I'm cooking, cleaning, or washing dishes and commands, "Sit down on the floor Mama!" He tries to look serious and succeeds mostly.

Why (Five Minute Fridays)

When I think of the word why my initial thoughts are "why" questions you get peppered with by young children. We seem to have most of our why question discussions in the car on the way to school or coming home from church.  All four kids want to talk, tell a story, or ask a question.  Sometimes they want to have a deep discussion.  It's nice when we all get on the same topic. Less confusing. My brain doesn't feel quite so fractured and I resist the urge to turn on the radio.  A lot of times it's a funny topic, or this is how my day went topic, but many times it lands in that altogether tough topic of Why.... Even young kids loop everything back to  Why... They want to know why when they aren't allowed to do something, "Because I said so" never seems to satiate them.  They want to know why when something amazing happens. How did that happen?  Those are fun why discussions.  There are so many amazing things to wonder over.  Endless!  They also want t…

Agree (Five Minute Firdays)

My sister and I were just discussing the difficulties that come with doing life every day with people that don't agree with you on most things. She was experiencing the weight of this in different circles of her life and expressed the desire to have a friend that had similar beliefs.  She has always had a wide variety of friends with different beliefs and lifestyles.  Sometimes though it is nice to be close with someone who sees life through similar lenses.
We prayed together and later that evening she called and told me that the church she had visited that Sunday had been talking about that exact thing.

Several years ago I had a similar situation occur with my sister.  She had come to live with me until she found a new job.  I was excited to finally be in the same town as her. The previous six years we had lived apart. I missed her.  I knew that she had changed a lot and so had I.  One day after that first week of moving in and getting settled, things got ugly.
I finally decided…

Double Digits

The first week of January Madelyn shyly whispered to me her plan.  A surprise birthday party for her sister's 10th birthday.  It needed to be a surprise. Why? "Because she's turning ten! Double digits." Madelyn explained.  Ten is a big deal.  When your kid turns ten.  I knew it was a special birthday, but Madelyn voiced the value of this special day before any of us had made plans.
I was kind of getting a bit stressed with Madelyn's daily party discussions. She had a code word and hand motion she did.  It was super cute.  Whenever Meredith was around.  She would glance at me and do the motion and ask about whether I had set her plans into motion.  As the days marched on Madelyn kept offering suggestions.  The party needed to be at this place. The food needed to be a certain menu.  The cake? Well that had to be stellar.
I kept thinking that Meredith was going to burst this birthday bubble.  She started pre planning her birthday parties the year she turned three. …

Mac happenings

This week started off with a no school MLK  day and ended with three snow days.  Only one actual work and school day tucked in the middle for the kids and I.
So lots of togetherness, pajamas, extra dishes, and things a bit out of order.
One snow morning I just couldn't sleep in. I tossed and turned and finally decided to just watch our little boy sleep.
Watching a child sleep is so... pleasant.
No loud noises, no wild energy....just peaceful.
His hand balled into a tiny fist, his body in the perfect "S" curve, his golden brown mass of curls wild on the pillow.
His breaths soft and soothing.
It was fun to just watch for awhile.
I've always thought a sleeping child was a beautiful sight.
Mac has been so much fun lately.  He is in two year old phase.  I think two is one of the most fun ages.  He can express himself and has lots to say.
He wakes up each day as a new super hero.
One day its Bat Man as he runs around in his hooded bath towel, protesting me as I try to tak…



This word fits January too.  January is the mother to many great intentions and cradle to the phrase intentional living.
So many things to be intentional about.  Every year.  My good intentions to be intentional swallowed up by the number of them.
I want to be intentional mostly about being positive.  This year I want to make sure to think about all there is that is right and not give much thought to what is not.

I read these words last night curled up in my daughter's bed holding her hand as she surrendered to sleep. "Today I will refrain from instructing, critiquing, and managing under the guise of 'good intentions.' Instead, I will make it abundantly clear that I love my people "as is," meaning they do not need to do anything, be anything, or change anything to be loved by me.  I will make a point to say, "I love you just as you are exactly as you are.  I love you because you are." These words are from the book Only Love Today by …